April 27th, 2006


Good Huevos Rancheros?

I am new to the city and am on the hunt for good huevos rancheros. I googled and the only two places I came up with where the Five Points Cafe and Joe's, but both reviews were from 2003 so I'm hoping someone can help me out with some suggestions that are a little more recent. I'm willing to go just about anywhere in the city if it means I can get my huevos rancheros fix! Thanks in advance!
Elmo Say What the Fuck?

Level III Sex Offender in Licton Springs Park Naked and Fondling himself, SPD does nothing.

And of course Seattle PD let him go, even though there was children around. KiroTV had this on the news last night. The online article doesn't go into as much detail as the news cast, but the guys name is Donald Lee Miller. Here's the KiroTV Article. Did SPD bother trying to call the witness back? My wife takes our kid to this park all the time, I know I wouldn't want to stick around with a child and wait for the police. Plus part of his court order is to have no contact directly or indirectly with children under 16. So why couldn't they have just arrested him on that? He was still in the park when they showed up.


Scum Bags Info from Snohomish County Sherrifs Website, because he's not in the WSP system, because he has no listed address, yes that's right he's listed as homeless.

Last Name MILLER First Name DONALD Middle LEE
Gender M Race W Eye Color Brown Hair Color Brown

DOB 4/25/1965 Height 5'-11" Weight 155#
Hundred Block Homeless
City Homeless
No synopsis
Show conditions
Court-ordered conditions for this offender
no direct or indirect contact with victim or children under 16 years of age.
Shall not consume alcohol.
Shall not consume controlled substances except pursuant to lawfully issued prescriptions.
Shall remain outside of Lewis County.

Detective Joseph M. Beard Detective David L. Coleman
(425) 388-3324 (425) 388-3324
joe.beard@co.snohomish.wa.us david.coleman@co.snohomish.wa.us


Now I thought earlier that I reconised this guy, now I remember why, he tried to pan handle money from me at the AM/PM on 105th & Aurora.

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Hey everyone! We've got some awesome shows coming up this week.

Tomorrow night! 8pm! $10!
Redefine Magazine's Spring Issue Release Party featuring:
The Helio Sequence!, Crystal Skulls!, Silversun Pickups!

Saturday night! 6:30pm / $7
Seattle Weekly's Music Awards Showcase
Featuring: DJ Sun Tzu, Altered States of Funk, Beyond Reality, Chokolate, Beehive & The Long Ranger!

Saturday, May 6th! 7:30pm / $10
Rainer Maria, Aloha, Ambulette (featuring Maura Davis of Denali), The Sea Navy

We'll see you there!

- Alicia & The Paradox staff
1401 NW Leary Way - in Ballard

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Ana and I

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I'm planning a trip to Vancouver in May and what I want to know is, how long it will take to get back in to the U.S. or across the border? We'll be going up to Vancouver on a Saturday and coming back on Sunday. If we have to be somewhere in Seattle by 2pm and it takes 2 1/2 hours to drive back down here, when should we leave Vancouver or how much time should we allow for crossing the boarding and going through customs and dealing with the border folks?
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Is your work closed on Monday? Are you going to walk out of work/school? What are your plans?


On the 10th of April millions without voice launched a cry of ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
Now, we will make the citizens and government of this country deaf with our silence.

We will begin marching at St. Mary's church 611 20th Ave. S.
Monday May 1st at 3:30pm.

This is what is asked of the participants:
-Dress in black
-March in silence
-Do not attend school or work
-Reduce the quantity of items you buy that week (for example, if you buy $100 of whatever, buy only $75)

For more info call the organizing commitee at 206.324.6044


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So as far as service goes (especially dropped calls, recdeption, ect.) which would guy guys say is better...verizon, or cingular?? And has anyone had much experience with the pay as you go plan with either of them?