April 26th, 2006


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As if the night hasn't been strange enough, I was passed walking home by an ambulance that turned into St. Mark's Cathedral. Any idea what's going on there that would call for an ambulance around midnight - 1am?
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Sea-Tac Airport officials expect the parking garage to be completely full by 10 a.m. today. They advise flyers to arrive at least two hours in advance to find parking, either in the garage before 10 a.m. or in nearby parking lots.


ALICE IN CHAINS is touring, with a new singer. despite this travesty, i would totally love to see them, because i heart grunge. but ya know what? they're NOT PLAYING FREAKING SEATTLE. madness, i tells you.
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Thursday, April 27th, 2006: Dining Out for Life

What is Dining Out for Life?

Dining Out For Life® is an annual fundraising event involving the generous participation of volunteers, corporate sponsors and restaurants. In exchange for their financial support, restaurants are listed in a city wide marketing campaign in an effort to increase customer traffic.

In 1991 Dining Out For Life® was created by an ActionAIDS volunteer in Philadelphia. In 1993, ActionAIDS made it an international event offering licenses to AIDS Service Organizations around the country. Since Dining Out for Life International's founding the event has grown throughout North America and is now produced in over 33 cities.

The Board of Dining Out For Life® is constantly working to expand the number of licenses around the country, as well as to gain sponsorships that benefit the entire country. On average two to three cities a year are being added.

More than 2,500 restaurants a year donate a portion of their proceeds from this one special night of dining to the licensed agency in their city. Over $2 million dollars a year is raised to support the missions of agencies throughout North America. With the exception of the annual licensing fee of $600, all money raised in these cities stays there.

If you live in Olympia, Tacoma or Seattle, please take a look at the Dining Out for Life website and consider having dinner at one of the supporting restaurants tomorrow night.

Tonight @ The Mercury

I know that there are other venues with Really Big Shows tonight, but that is no reason to not come down to the Mercury and check these guys out. For added convenience, we're literallyright around the corner from one of the venues in question. You should stop in for a drink and to check out some local talent. That way when they make it big and can charge $42.50 for general admission tickets one day in the near future, you can say you saw them first. And that would be cool.

Tonight 4/26
The Blakes
The Snakebites

Doors: at 9pm
Cover:6 (that's 2 bucks per band)
21+ w/id
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KISS 1061 Big Freakin' Deal 2006

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Hey guys, I got an e-mail both today and last week about Ashley Parker Angel coming to perform at Kiss (KBKS) FM here in Seattle, it is a member of Infinity Broadcasting.

The concert date is June 25th and KISS VIP's have access to special pre-sale tickets that went onsale today and will be onsale through Friday through ticketmaster (The presale I mean). Regular tickets will start selling on Saturday April 29th at all Ticketmaster locations.

The concert is taking place in Seattle on June 25th 2006 at Key Arena. Artists include Ashley Parker Angel, Rhianna, Nick Lachey, Teddy Geiger, The All-American Rejects, P!nk and Aly and AJ.

I currently graduate on June 8th and my mom is offering to pay for a ticket for me however I cannot go alone. So anyone (or if you know of anyone) within the Seattle area who would like to go but not go alone please let them know and have them leave me a comment or send me a message HERE with an AIM name or E-mail address.. Serious inqueries only please.



discovery park

for those of you who might be familiar with discovery park...

i've only been there once, and really enjoyed myself. however, tomorrow i have a guest who will be coming in town that i'd like to take there... and here's my question:

what parking lot is closest to the waterfront?

i parked/walked from the north lot last time, and found that it was a good, vigourous trail to the sound... however, i think it might be a lil' much for my friend. are the other lots closer, or is there an easier path altogether? or are there other parks that lead to the puget sound that you'd recommend instead?

i'm looking for something nearby.

thank you.
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Tell me, oh wise and loving denizens of the Emerald City -
Are there buffets of any type in the downtown area?

Props to my Seattle-geniuses! May your lattes always be low-foam!

concerts and such

Hey all of you other Seattlelites.

I was wondering if any of you knew how strict Chop Suey is in enforcing admission during 21+ concerts. 

If you look old enough, do they check you? And if you get there at a certain time (like, earlier, later) are you more likely to not get checked?

I really need to go to this concert...

Thanks so much!

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Ladder Rental

Is there any place in Seattle that rents 20' Extension Ladders? I asked at Lowes on South Rainier, and they claim they don't. I need one for about three days to paint the walls of a stairway with vaulted ceilings, and I don't really feel like dropping $300 on something I won't use that often.