April 25th, 2006

Kitty Snake

Seattle landmarks for Monopoly Here & Now Edition

The good people at Parker Brother's are introducing a new edition of Monopoly, the Here & Now Edition.  Right now you can vote Now heres, a good reason to vote: the city with the most votes, will get the "blue spots," where Broadwalk and Park Place are on in the original game. And you can vote once a day, every day through May 12. Because Seattle being the bluest city of them all should really get the blue spaces.

The Seattle landmarks are: the Puget Sound, Pioneer Square, and Pike Place Market. Im sure everyone will be in disagreement over these choices, thats fine by me.  But check out the lovely picture of Pioneer Square.  Its all under the cut.

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Goodbye Sonics

Nickels wants legislature's support to negotiate $220 million KeyArena deal

Okay, now, seriously - would it be such a bad thing to let the Sonics leave? I'm biased as I do NOT like basketball in any manner including the kids next door who bounce that friggin' ball day and night and never quite seem to make it to the basket. Additionally, sports terrorism really chaps my hide. How dare they try to blackmail the fine, upstanding citizens of Washington! (Yes, that includes you, too, jameth, you magnificent bastard!)

I have it in my mind to vote against any of my elected officials who support any scheme that raises taxes to keep the Sonics here. Anyone want to join me? :)

Okay, okay, so I need coffee

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A jewelry-specific piercing question.

I, like many people, have a nostril piercing. Unfortunately I also have an asymmetric nose, weird scar tissue inside my nostril, and bad jewelry that shifts around and creates ugly irritation on the outside of my nose.

You may be thinking "Wow, that's really gross." Which it is.

On the other hand, you may be thinking "Gee, it just so happens that I know a piercer who is very skilled at handling unusual anatomy, a veritable god(dess) of jewelry fitting who loves a good challenge."

If you are in the second group, I would love to hear your recommendation.

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Does anyone here have any experience with US Home Mortgage?? Looking for any feedback. We just applied and things seem to be going well. Just want any info if anyone has any before we seal the deal. (We're going for a zero down mortgage and little to no closing costs out of our pocket)


wedding dress rental

Hey, I know this is a crazy question but a friend of mine is getting married in a few weeks and was inquiring if she could possibly 'rent' a wedding dress. Do you guys know of any place in the area that might do this? I checked the memories.


The KING5 website says there has been a shooting on Cap Hill. The 911 page says there was an assault with weapons at Broadway and John around an hour ago. Anyone have further information? This is really close to my house but I haven't heard anything.