April 24th, 2006

stop the drama

me too! me too!

i happened to have taken the argosy harbor cruise today, didnt get the best photos, mostly due to laziness and the boat moving around quite a bit on the waves, but i tried. and the damned mountain really didnt feel like being photogenic today and showing up on pictures.


Cat Shows

I went to a cat show once and had a really good time. I've kept my eyes open for another show, but haven't seen anything. When do they have cat shows? Where should I look to find out when and where they're held?

North Precinct Woman

There has been this woman, sitting in a lounge chair, outside the North Precinct Police station for quite a long time. She sometimes has towels stuffed in the fence near her, and apparently the police hold onto her folding chair when she isn't outside their station.

I'm curious: does anyone know her story?
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Rat City Rollergirls - Bout #2

Dear seattle,
I'm sure you've heard of the awesome Rat City Rollergirls, our very own rollerderby team!! It's been AGES since I've seen a bout, the days when they used to be held in the White Center roller rink. Can you believe it's been that long for me? They've grown so much in their popularity that they're now in the Hangars at the old Sandpoint Naval Base!

I would absolutely love to go to this Saturday's bout (#2), but I foolishly didn't buy a ticket in time before they sold out. So I'm hoping somebody has an extra ticket I could buy from them. Please please please contact me if you do, you'd forever have my utmost and undying gratitude!! :) :) :)
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archery lessons

oh holders of all knowledge seattle, enlighten me!

last year, before moving here, my husband and I took up archery (target shooting, not hunting)). it's hard, it's fun, it's kooky. but I'm having a hard time finding a place that does lessons (ideally, long bow (oh, if I could afford a *good* recurve), no sights) and has an indoor range. we're total noobs, having done one lesson, and practiced twice. heck, I need to get my cheap-ass plunger replaced before I can shoot with my bow again. (and no, that's not some kind of dirty joke. ha!)

so, anyone know any place in seattle, or the vicinity, that has an indoor range and offers private archery lessons? (or these two items separately) 'cause I wanna shoot some bales of hay!

thanks! :-)
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condo contractors

We're buying a condo, and there's some work we'd like to do on the place as far as fixing it up and renovating it. Does anyone have any recommendations on contractors, especially those who do work on condos?

Memories were duly checked -- there was just one post about contractors about a year ago, it got a single responce and it was about houses anyway.

memorial temple park project

The Seattle Memorial Temple Project is an all-volunteer effort borne out of the desire to honor the victims of the Capitol Hill shooting on March 25th, 2006, when six young members of our community were taken before the gunman took his own life. In their memory, we have set out to build a temporary art installation in the form of a beautiful temple. Its purpose will be to provide a sacred space in which to grieve, to reflect, to leave messages and memorabilia, to connect with others and to celebrate life. Whether the grief being processed is related to this incident or to any other loss, all are welcome.

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donating clothes on capitol hill?

i'm moving this week and i'm wanting to get rid of at least half of my clothes. i'm hoping to just donate them to the salvation army or some place similar. does anyone know of a place on capitol hill (or nearest to 16th & madison) where i can take like five garbage bags of clothes and just drop them off? or maybe a place that will come pick them up since i don't actually own a car. cheers.
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