April 23rd, 2006


North Seattle shooting?

Anyone have any details about what happened on Meridian by NSCC this morning? My boyfriend and I woke up to gunshots and police blocking off the road with Metro redirecting traffic. Paramedics were waiting in front of the police station before they were allowed to go closer.

So far nothing on the news.

KOMO NEWS ALERT: Seattle Police are on the scene of a shooting in the 9700 block of Wallingford Ave. North. Several shots were fired, and a police officer is slightly hurt. One suspect is dead, police are looking for a second suspect.
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Advice Needed

Hiya. I live up in Bothell, and the recent rains did some slow damage to my house that I didn't notice until ... well, until a critter decided to enlarge the rotting hole in the wood to see if he could get into my living room and watch TV. I've got it patched with plywood, but this is my first house (and a right mess I'm making of it, too) and I haven't got a clue how to go about finding a contractor to get it repaired.

I'm desperate for some advice. I've been cold-calling companies in the phone book, trying to find somebody who would come out and at least fix the gutters, where the problem started. But I'm having absolutely no luck. It seems like people want to "fix" your roof or install really expensive "gutter systems with leaf guard" instead of just install plain old gutters. There has to be a company out there that just fixes gutters?

And if not just that, maybe there is a company that would be able to fix our gutters *and* fix the wall? Again, I'm clueless. I've done google searches, I've called a few dozen companies in the phone book, I've checked the BBB, and I'm just not finding what I need. How on earth is a normal person supposed to find help for this kind of problem?

Help? At this point I just want someone to point me in the right direction. I'm overwhelmed. My insurance company was useless ("if it's slow damage, we won't cover it, so don't even submit it") and I feel like I've hit all the obvious places I would have looked. I must not be seeing something obvious. Help. I just need advice.

Dear Seattle

i am looking for a flashlight.
(LED, 1+ watt, aa batteries)

so, is there something akin to spatula city, only for flashlights?

where do you shop for a decent geek quality flashlight? (and at a reasonable price?)

i am reluctant to go to my local lowes hardware or the sharper image.

sub question: is there any where to buy the actual "forever flashlight III" locally? (i'd prefer the kind that work. unlike the ones found at walgreens)

How to commute

I need to be in Redmond at 8:46 AM tomorrow and will be leaving from Capitol Hill, going over the 520 bridge. I usually make the commute much later, arriving there in 22 minutes with no traffic issues. I have no idea how bad the traffic will be -- when should I leave??