April 22nd, 2006



Anyone having any luck getting their hands on TOOL tickets?
I've been repeating ticketmaster's # on two phones, refreshing two browser windows and I can't get squat. I called up KISW and the way cool lady who answered said people are having sketchy luck either way.

Take me to Hawaii

Hawaii-style plate lunches

I'm looking for quality, authentic Hawaii-style restaurants - in particular am craving a good plate lunch, but anything would be great.  I'm discouraged after my online search, which turned up a lot of cheesy tiki places and mediocre or worse reviews.  County-wide locations are fine, though Seattle or south county preferred.  Thanks!
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Slave Traitor, Kilauea (Portland), and Grey will summon the hounds of Hell and some little Ronnie James Dio's TONIGHT, April 22nd.
Yes, we will do our best to recreate what it might be like in Hell, but inside the Greenie. Of course, this hell will have booze and beer and great music, but otherwise you're gonna feel the pain of a thousand pitchforks people! Be ready to be usurped. The ground may very well open up beneath our feet and we'll all be doin' laps in that steamy Lake of Fire. SEXY.
So, TONIGHT @ 8pm. All ages, bar w/ ID. There will be a keg of cheap beer, and full bar as usual. $2/cup of beer all night or $2 drinks and shots, or both. BYOBB (bring your own backup beer/booze).
Anyone who actually dresses up like something evil (which wouldn't include your normal attire), drinks are on me.
Don't forget to bring a few extra bucks for the out of towners! 2515 S. Charles St. in the CD......where all the love is. So, come feel the BURN!!!
See the Green Hizzy Myspace page for more details.

Also, if you are a BAND OR MUSICIAN OR EVEN A PERFORMANCE TROUPE who would like to play a loving, freakish, openminded house party, talk to these guys!!! They host ALL kinds of music and scenes, no one is turned away! They create themes for every party, and decorate accordingly, you will not be disappointed!!!
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any good experiences with the restaurant bacchus on roy on cap hill?

it comes highly recommended from a friend, but all of the online reviews I can find say the place is TERRIBLE, which seems oddly incongruent.

[EDIT: ok, since bacchus appears to be closed (who saw that coming?) anyone with experiences with ten mercer vs. that new restaurant moxie in lower QA? the menu looks great, but I've never met anyone who's had a meal there.]
You talking to me!!!

I need help...

I have not been to the dentist in years .,, I have no dental insurance.. but I need some major work done. can anyone recommend a dentist that is not judgmental or offers the laughing gas or something to distract you while he works.. I was hit by a dentist when I was young so I am scared to death of them.