April 21st, 2006



Is there anywhere in Seattle that sells used or old magazines? I don't mean old like antique. Just magazines that are past the date and are being sold cheap. I know the Marysville Library sells their magazines after they're a year old or something, but I don't want to drive that far unless I have to. Ideas? THNAKS.
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Is there anything like this in seattle? I could have used it more then once, I actually saw a guy sitting by a bike yesterday whith a wierd leg infection thing, could have used it ....
{HP} Hermione

favorite photobooths

I seem to remember a few listings for photobooths available online, but can't quite find them for some odd reason. I was wondering if any of you could direct me to said listing or reccomend me your favorite photobooth in town (anywhere in town, I might add). The nearest cross-street or actual address of said photobooth is preferred, as I'm still a newbie in town and still having to googlemap anytime I leave the house. I used to be an semi-avid collector of photobooth pictures, and would love to get back into the habit.

Thanks in advance!
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Hell yeah!

Costco Wholesale Corp. won a sweeping victory in federal court Friday, with a judge agreeing that a long list of state liquor control laws are illegal antitrust violations.

In her ruling, U.S. District Judge Marsha J. Pechman of Seattle agreed that the state's mandatory price markups and other rules unfairly prevent large retailers from exploiting competitive advantages, such as discounts for buying in bulk.

Pechman also said the regulations couldn't be justified as a means to keep consumer prices higher and alcohol consumption down, or maintain a more "orderly" market for the state.

"The restraints challenged by Costco are plainly anticompetitive, and there is no dispute that these restraints increase the average cost of beer and wine in Washington," Pechman wrote.

The state still could drive up beer and wine prices and raise money by levying excise taxes, which wouldn't run afoul of antitrust law, she wrote.

The state regulations thrown out by Pechman were:

- Bans on volume discounts and credit sales of beer and wine.

- Minimum markup requirements, which force manufacturers to charge at least 10 percent over cost when they sell beer and wine to distributors. Distributors face the same rule when they resell the products to retailers.

- Mandates that manufacturers and distributors post product prices with the state, and keep prices the same for a month afterward. Distributors must charge that price to each retailer, and retailers can't get discounts for paying for freight or picking up the product themselves.

- A ban on retailers storing or receiving beer or wine at a central warehouse.