April 19th, 2006

Bloody chickens are a no-no.

Anyone know where I can purchase Kosher meats (esp. chicken) in/around Capitol Hill/First Hill?

I looked through memories, but didn't really find what I am looking for (only found that entry about Kosher Coke). I tried Yellowpages, and didn't find anything either. Google turns up Kosher Bottled Water, and some place in Queen Anne. Anyhow, TYIA.
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There was a pretty cool lenticular cloud on top of ol' Rainy this morning. Here's a crappy snap of it. It's one of the things the Cascades are famous for. Lenticular clounds and volcanos. Oh, and meth labs.

Like Whoa!

So I live near the freeway....I woke up this morning to helicopters flying and cops all over the bridges....and a 20 bike motorcade. Apocalypse? No! Its Cheney! Think they were worried about his safety? haha...
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uncertified birth certificates

dear sirs. and madames. i was planning on going to vancouver, but i only have an "uncertified" birth certificate from king county (no stamp.) am i pretty much screwed? has anyone had any experience with such a thing?
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