April 18th, 2006

Eddie Izzard - Covered in Bees!

Police Reports

Just after the Capitol Hill Shootings, someone here posted the (pdf, I think) police reports of the incident. I am curious where I can find more. Are they readily available to the public, or only in the cases of extreme incidents? Where do I find them? Google is failing me, unless I am incapable of searching.
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Share your feedback on the smoking ban

The Seattle Times is asking for readers to share their thoughts on the smoking ban. For something that won the vote so overwhelmingly, it sure seems unpopular!

One comment:
"I'm so glad that the government can set public behavior policies. I can't wait until we allow them to tell us what to think also."

— Mo Gaud, Coupeville, WA

Edit: It should be pointed out that quote quanitites in the article are balanced 4-4 in pro vs. con. The ban's "seeming" unpopularity was wroght with subjectivity (partially influenced by the order of the quotes). One other ambiguous quote hinted at tax revenue loss for the state. I won't count the for vs. against comments here, but quantities seem to be more related to who can type faster ;) ... Anyway, this community gives new meaning to "where there's smoke there's fire"
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Brake recommendations?

Yep, I checked memories and found nada. I would like to know if there are indie mechanics or even chains that Honda owners would recommend for a brake job? Preferably a place close to downtown that costs less than the dealership.

Expensive gasoline vs. transit improvements

$3.05 per gallon for regular unleaded gasoline Map of proposed bus improvements

Be proud, my fellow Seattleites, for we are among some of the first Americans to enjoy $3+/gallon gasoline. It may be here to stay.

(In unrelated news, ExxonMobil has displaced Wal-Mart at the top of the Fortune 500, having posted a record profit of $36 billion. However, ExxonMobil still has not paid the mere $5 billion in damages owed to Alaskan fishermen et. al. for the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill.)

In other news, King County Executive Ron Sims has announced a proposal to improve transit service throughout King County (Seattle Times article), including new bus rapid transit lines operating primarily in their own lanes on Aurora, on Pacific Highway South, between Bellevue/Crossroads/Redmond, and on the Ballard and West Seattle corridors that would have been served by the Monorail. The proposal also calls for improving numerous bus routes to 10 and 15-minute frequencies such that riders would not need to consult a schedule. The new transit service would be paid for by a 0.1% (one penny per ten-dollar purchase) sales tax increase. This would raise the total sales tax in King County from 8.8% to 8.9% -- the same rate that's already in place in neighboring Pierce and Snohomish Counties.


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