April 17th, 2006

nose & ear plugs for swimmers?

I tried to go swimming the other day and picked up this lame nose plug in the Bellevue "pro sport club" lobby which does not work at all. It is basically shaped like a U, the ends of the U are supposed to hold your nostrels closed, but my nostrels are too powerful.

Is there somewhere in Seattle that sells nose plugs for swimming that actually work? Ideally I think it should be more of a circular device rather than a U, so that it is able to supply more nose-pressure.

Also I noticed that it kind of sucks to get water in your ears. I haven't tried to get any ear plugs yet so I'm unsure if some of them don't actually work as with nose plugs. I assume whereever people suggest to go for nose plugs I can also get those..

Anyone know a good place to get these things in Seattle, assuming my orifaces are too awesome for generic plugs that are sold at health clubs?

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Carpet Cleaners?

I have some large dirt stains on my carpet, and despite my best efforts, I cannot get them out. I only seem to be making the problem worse.

I'm thinking what I need is one of those pressurized hot water vacuums that you can rent at supermarkets, but alas, I have no car. I'd like to hire someone to clean my carpet (I'm in the U-District), just a one time deal, and it's only in a corner of the room. Shouldn't take more than half an hour if that. Problem is, I have no idea who to hire.

I've checked the memories and I'll give some of the folks recommended a call, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any credible carpet cleaners, preferably an individual rather than a company, who would be willing to do this for cheap (like $20 - totally negotiable though)? It's really not that large of a stain but I just don't have the capability to clean it myself.

Thanks in advance.

(On a side note, I seem to be experiencing an ant infestation in my apt too, that I've tried to eradicate to no avail - any advice? Exterminators?)

Update: I ended up hiring a guy I found on Craigslist who did a fantastic job - he cleaned my whole living room. Very diligent and reasonably priced. If anyone's interested, his name is Michael Ihrig, and his number is 206-355-3489.
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Looking for a kitten

So I've checked craigslist and petfinder, but no luck so far. I'm looking at adopting a kitten. No preference on gender. I'd like to go for a calico or tabby, but any kitten is fine. I'd like to have a young kitten so I can start with it while it's young. Anyone who has kittens they are in need of giving up, please reply.
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This is actually kind of nifty to see while walking around Capitol Hill, but I bet the artists didn't intend to put the public at risk by doing this. Did you know that they paint fire hydrants based on how much water pressure they have? Green, yellow, red; they all mean something to the fire department. If there is a large fire and the fire department has a choice between a few hydrants, they could waste precious seconds hooking up their lines to a hydrant that has low water pressure because someone went around and spray painted them gold.

Just an FYI.

kid summer camps

I have a 10 year old daughter who loves to go camping. We moved here from Oregon and are looking for some cool summer camps (overnight)for kids that are not too far away from the Seattle area.

For those that grew up in the area, do you have any favorite summer camps you went to as a kid?

Please take the following into account:

1. we are not religious folk

2. we are limited in funds, places with financial aid would be great!

3. I am already checking google and have come up with some options but I would like to have as many choices as possible


selling broken laptop? (now with specs!)

So I have a 17" dell laptop from about 3 years ago with a busted video card (from what I can tell). I've already replaced it, but now its just collecting dust in the corner. Any ideas of where I might be able to sell it (if at all)? I imagine alot of it could be parted out for laptop repairs, but i'm not sure where to look.

Also, yes, I've thought of craiglist or ebay, but its a bit hard to get a handle on what the going price for something like this would be.

EDIT: So I'm home now, and thought I would post the specs, for those that might be intersted.

Dell Inspiron 8500-
Windows XP Professional
17" widescreen
Pentium 4M - 2.2GHz
1 GB PC2700 RAM
40 GB HD (5400 RPM I believe)
Bluetooth & IR ports.
DVD Rom/CD-RW drive
GeForce 4 4200 Go (64MB)

It is usually stuck in 640x480 at 16 colors, but occasionally will allow you to go to a decent working resolution. When its stuck in low res, I can't get an external moniter to work. So the issue is something to do with either the graphics card or the actuall display. Previously I had an issue with closing the top and the display wouldn't wake back up.
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i looked through memories, but all the suggestions i found under the entry that was relevant i've already tried, and either didn't like or...didn't like.

what's a good sushi place around seattle (or seattle's vicinity) that isn't insanely overpriced? here's an idea of the places i've been to: ha na (on broadway), aoki, this one other sushi bistro i can't remember the name of in belltown, todai, sushiland, i love sushi.

any other suggestions for where we could get sushi tonight would be greatly appreciated. also, i found osaka sushi on seattle citysearch - does anyone have any experience with the place? how about their pricing?


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This is an open letter to the gaggle of teenage girls I left at the bus stop at 15th NE and NE 65th today.

(I drive for Metro)

When the light turned green for me to turn to the left, you proceded to run against the light *in front of my bus*, sceaming and laughing, in order to get to the bus stop.

It was more than clear from your actions (sceaming and laughing) that you knew what you were doing was wrong and dangerous. You then cursed me when I honked at you.

Because of all this, I don't know why you were surprised when I waited for you to get to my bus, and then pulled away without letting you on board.

I would have opened the doors to explain if I thought it would do any good, but I didn't want you to try to rush on the bus and I certainly didn't want to listen to you curse at me some more.

I hope your wait for the next bus was educational, but somehow I doubt it...

**Edit 1: When people don't try to kill themselves just to catch my bus, I will wait for the longest light for them to cross and catch me. I don't mind waiting. I know other drivers don't always feel the same way, but there isn't much I can do about that.**

**Edit 2: What seems like me being an asshole would change if you had even a bit of my context. My one everlasting and continual fear is that I will be forced to kill some dumbass, or even just witness said dumbass being killed by someone else. If *I* kill them, *even if it's not my fault* I have a great risk of being fired and losing the career I care so much about. If I watch them being killed, I *just* have the awful bloody image of their brains splattered on the pavement in my head for the rest of my life. I've seen what that does to some drivers and I dread it. This is a selfish action on my part, it's *not* parental.

**Edit 3: Also, in my personal life, I jaywalk all the time. I am not by any means being fascist about this. However, I only jaywalk *when there is no traffic!!* All day long I see people jaywalking in relatively safe ways, and I let them on my bus every time. I only do this in extreme cases when they are really working hard to get killed by me or another driver.

**Edit 4: I forgot to mention that last week I warned at least three of these 12 or more kids. It could have been more, but I can't keep track. This doesn't come completely out of the blue. As a matter of fact, if it is really bad, I am sometimes *more* likely to open my doors so I can lecture them and work off some of my anxiety. That serves as a warning, and if I see them doing it again I ignore their attempts to get on the bus.

Digital Photo Printing?

I was wondering where in Seattle I could get digital photos printed.
I don't want 3x5 photos, like at the Kodak stands in Walgreen's (no online stuff either, I can't deal with credit cards, and shipping and all that).
I want to be able to bring in a CD with fairly large photo files and have them printed out kind of large for a school art show (I was thinking maybe 8.5" by 11", but I really have no idea, I've never had photos printed before)
If I have to resize them, that's cool... What I want is to be able to take in a disc, and have quality, large photos printed- because digital prints usually look really crappy.
Also, price is a huge factor, as this is a highschool show.

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