April 15th, 2006


good quality film developing & prints

Okies. I checked the memories on this, they only cover cheap & fast. I want good quality.

I am looking for a decent place to develop film, put it on CD, & occasionally get (good) prints... I usually only shoot color 35mm & occasionally true black & white. I don’t care if the B&W gets sent out etc. I just want a place that will take the time to print the photos properly & listen to what I want. I also like to print digital shots or shots from previous rolls that I’ve REcorrected, & will ask for no corrections due to that fact (hence why I like them to listen).

I used to work in a 1hr photo lab/camera shop so I know most places all have the same machines. Only difference between Wal-Mart & a nice camera shop is the camera shop usually takes the time & effort into correcting color & the quality of paper it’s printed on is better. (We tested the theory to prove to our customers. it was fun.)

So I need good quality paper, someone who will put effort into making good photos & not setting the machine to auto correct, & is able to do a wide variety of film types (even if it is sent out) & is able to put images on CD too.

Of course without paying one single person an arm & leg to print the pictures for me. & there’s nothing worse than having to use 20 different shops/sites/labs to get something printed. I'm all about one stop shopping.
parkour spidey

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I am looking for "S" hooks to suspend things from crown molding
(gallery style). Where can one find these on Capitol Hill?

Also, where can one find non synthetic fishing net? I need about 8 by 6 feet of it.