April 14th, 2006

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party hats?

i am looking for *these* party hats... they say "happy f&#king birthday" on them. except.. not censored.

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any ideas of where to find them.. like.. today? i called Champions Party Store on 1st/Denny, they said due to children possibly being able to read them and them being sued they cant have stuff like that and told me to write it on in glue and use glitter instead. its just not the same! ;)

edit: erotic bakery is the winner!
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Anyone know anything about this?

4/14/2006 11:49:58 AM F060034237 1 A14 A25 AIR9 B2 B4 B5 B7 DEP1 E10 E27 E29 E30 E32 HAZVAN L1 L11 L4 M32 R14 SAFT2 STAF10 3601 2nd Av S Explosion Major

Google Maps puts it right underneath the West Seattle Bridge. Then again, it also tells you to go the wrong way on a freeway on-ramp so who knows. Interesting they brought the HAZVAN. They don't do that for every explosion.
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3rd and Union

I got out of work an hour ago or so and I went to my usual bus stop, on 3rd Avenue and Union street, right in front of Benaroya Hall and the Post Office, but there were trucks everywhere and the bus could not stop there. I saw a red liquid all over the street side that Metro officials were cleaning up. Does anybody know what happened?

A place to eat alone

What's a good place to eat alone at night?

More specifically, I want a restaurant that:

  • Is open till at least 10 pm

  • Serves delicious entree-type food, not just pizza/sandwiches/burgers

  • Has vegetarian options

  • You don't feel self-conscious about going to alone. Ideally, a place where you can eat at the bar or counter amid others doing the same

  • Is a $ rather than $$$ sort of place

  • Is located in or within a couple miles of the U-District.
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A++ for the one who posted a few weeks ago about the theifing of her baby tree.

Saw the story on channel 11 just now.

Yay for publicity.

Sorry about the missing flowers too.. :/
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