April 13th, 2006



I've read about seattle have a very high unemployment rate in past years.
I'm moving there over the summer and was wondering if it has gotten any better or any worse?
and it seemed to be the trend that without a college degree you're pretty helpless in the job world even for entry level jobs, etc. is this still the case?

thank you

Selling Back Clothes..?

I have clothes I want to sell back to the Buffalo Exchange (on the Ave), or Red Light (any location). Does anyone know where I can get the most money back?

Are there places that will buy my clothes that I'm not thinking of?

And I don't want to do Craigslist because I want the money nowwww.


FrankenBOOT- Seattle's Mash-Up/Bootleg monthly THIS SAT 4/15!!!

It's that time again... FrankenBOOT, Seattle's original Mash-Up, bootleg and illegal music party is taking over Re-bar this Saturday April 15th!

For over a year FrankenBOOT has been chucking pop music in a blender and throwing the results down on the dance floor. Pumping the bootleg classics like Destiny's Child vs Nirvana, Missy Elliot vs Joy Division, TLC vs The Cure, Greenday vs Oasis and mixing in the newest bastardized hits: Madonna vs Kanye West, Fischerspooner vs Debbie Gibson, M.I.A. vs The Bravery, Michael Jackson vs E.L.O., LCD Soundsystem vs Rick James, Dire Straits vs The Dazz Band, Peaches vs Rolling Stones, The Cure vs Ying Yang Twins, Abba vs Echo and the Bunnymen, Oingo Boingo vs Yaz, Destiny's Child vs Eurythmics, Janet Jackson vs Paula Abdul and a night-full of tons more!

Be sure to show up early to get your hands on the free Mash-Up cd given away to the first lucky people through the door!

Your ever-loving host DJ Freddy King of Pants will be spinning the bastard-pop tunes all night...

The party mashes you up every 3rd Saturday at Re-bar, 1114 Howell st. 10p-2a, $5.

Check out the poster after the cut!
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{HP} Hermione

Are you nice? Do you need a roomie?

I need a place to stay for 10 days starting Monday as some plans fell through and dates were miscommunicated... I still need to find permanent housing as well, but if there's anybody willing to put me up for a couple of weeks (on a couch for all I care) I'd much appreciate it.

Any takers? I promise, I'm nice & a harmless 24 year old freelance graphic designer/professional indie kid. I've had the *worst* time house-hunting and the like and therefore it's kinda imperative that I sling a bag over my shoulder and couch-surf for a bit somewhere. I'd be willing to negotiate monetary compensation for the use of your couch/extra room/garage/attic/back storage shed even at this point as well. :)

Please comment here or e-mail me at illgoest@gmail.com!
victorian top hat

Years ago there were a couple oil and bath places,

called the Body Scent, on the Ave and Broadway on Cap Hill.
You could get fragrance free body products scented up with
any of their 100's of oils...
They have since closed.
Are there any other places I can get custom scented body products
in Seattle ?

I googled (although I am google search impaired) and checked the

Thanks in advance

EDIT: i changed my google technique and found passion flower and the soap box
let's share

Sasquatch Music Festival at the Gorge

Hi everyone, I'm Beth and I live in Vancouver. A friend and I really want to go to Sasquatch Music Festival at the Gorge Ampitheater in George, but we have no idea how we should go about planning this trip. None of us have our driver's liscence, so driving is out of the question. There are Greyhound bus depots at Yakima and Spokane, which are pretty far off (or so it looks on the map) from George. I also looked into taking the train into Seattle, but is there a bus that goes directly to/by George? Also, we are planning to go for just one day (Sunday May 28th), so we might stay overnight the night before (Saturday May 27th). If you've ever been to George (or even better, during the festival), are the motels usually really full? I want to know if I need to reserve a night in advance. Also, which motels would you recommend in terms of the best location and reasonable quality (i.e. no drunk truckers, hos, etc.)?

I would really appreciate ANY input or suggestions on how to get there and where to stay. :)