April 12th, 2006


Renaissance Faire?? Anyone??

Hello. I am moving to Seattle in two weeks. I’m excited. I lived in Tacoma for 3 yrs after high school so I have a pretty decent idea of the whole area.

I have a few friends out there already... but I wanted to throw this out there... has anyone gone to the Renaissance Faire in Gig Harbor?? I love Renn & Medieval faires so naturally I searched for one right away.

I just want to get an idea. Or perhaps get a few people who want to ride down with me. :D

& for those of you that are like huh?? http://www.washingtonrenfaire.com/

I checked the memories. Didn't see anything.

Prague Cow

Yoga Recommendations

I'm moving to Ballard in a few weeks and looking for suggestions for a yoga studio.

I've practiced on and off for about 5 years now, but I'm not looking for anything super advanced. If there was pilates too, that would great but not essential.

Any Ballard food/shops/activites would be appreciated too.
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Are you an Artist?

I work for a non-profit historical garden in Lakewood. We are holding an event on April 27th, with a silent auction.  I am looking for Artists who would like to donate a piece of work to our auction and have it seen by a large, cultured group of people.  It's a great event to have your work seen. Let me know if you're interested!
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The new Pasch

I'm just a few days away from the end of my Lenten sacrifice. Brace yourselves, I thought if I gave up espresso drinks, I would feel more of what Jesus went through in the desert with the Devil. Of course given the town I live in, yes, there were moments I almost caved.

So, now that I am just days aways from being free to imbibe on the mochas, lattes, americanos, etc., can anyone suggest a place to have the best mocha ever in this town? Good quality espresso, chocolate flavoring, and of course, quality steaming of the milk.
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GORGEOUS and SPACIOUS 1 bedroom on the edge of the U district (7th and 42nd). HUGE HUGE HUGE bathroom and bedroom. Cute kitchen with pantry and bar. Living room and lots of closet space. Secured parking garage with remote under the apartment building. This unit is on the 2nd floor. The pictures don't even do this place justice, there is a large portion of the bedroom and bathroom not shown in the pictures. Come and see for YOURSELF! Contact me if interested. This place will go fast!
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Calvin Johnson
Mikaela's Fiend
Robin Cutler
Glacial Park
The Last Slice Of Butter

FRIDAY APRIL 21ST - 8pm $6 - Get Your Geek On!
School Yard Heroes
Speaker Speaker
* Bring a high school report card, if you have 3.0+ you get in free!

Mikaela's Fiend
The Filthy Details
Sicily Crypt

FRIDAY APRIL 28TH - 8pm $6 - OFH Benefit w/
Rumor Has It
Lady Propane
The Ann Rogers Quartet

always all ages
the old fire house
16510 NE 79th St.

Transportation to the airport?

I need to get to the airport on a weekday in early May, arriving there at about 5AM. What's the cheapest/fastest way to get there, other than to have a friend drive me? I looked at Metro, but from my house in Wallingford, it'd take 2 hours at that time of the morning. How about one of those airporter vans? Which one is the best? I've also heard there is some kind of small bus that just runs back and forth from downtown to the airport. Help!

my future's so bright...

Where in Seattle can I find a good selection of sunglasses? I'm looking for a very specific kind to replace this pair I lost. They're vaguely similar to aviator-style glasses, but they're more round and partially rimless. Semi-reflective, but not like cop glasses. Someone told me they thought they were Italian. Who knows. Here's what they look like (though they're not really green):

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Yoga classes (all over)

expanding on the Ballard post...

I'd like personal recommendations on yoga studios and yoga teachers (out of studios, community centers, private homes, whatever) in the greater Seattle area. (And when I mean 'greater', I mean greater. I've done yoga for over five years, I'm training to teach (no, I'm not giving up my day job), and I've got a (migraines permitting) daily practice. But being newish here, I haven't explored as much of the yoga available here as I'd like, and over the rest of the year (at least), I'm sure I'll have a number of cases of driving a few dozen miles one-way to a yoga class to try out a teacher.

Any personal recommendations for (and against) teachers and studios would be greatly appreciated!

I should add, however, that I have two exceptions to my otherwise open minded feelings about styles of yoga:
1. Bikram yoga - I don't like the man's style; suing people over using a handful of moves that you also happened to put together... it's not right man, it's not right. I've chosen to boycott his studios for 'political' reasons, so I won't go there, though I realize that some of his franchise studios probably have excellent teachers working for them.
2. Dahn yoga - too many cult experiences. I'm not going there.

Other than that... hatha, kripalu, baptiste, restorative, iyengar, sivananda, vinyasa, ashtanga... tell me what floats your navasana! :-)