April 9th, 2006

gus gus

delicious cheesecake...

i am looking for a fantastic whole cheesecake that i can buy and take home from an independent cheesecake vendor. it's okay if they sell other things as well. that was a bad joke. so. anyway. tell me about your favorite cheesecake places, please.

i searched here and was informed that "no results matching [my] search criteria could be found," and i feel very sad about the fact that there is no cheesecake in the history of this journal.

Laundry Service

On the east coast, they have 24-hour laundromats where you can drop off a bag of laundry and they will do it for you that day. The person is charged per pound, and the best thing about it is the fact that they FOLD laundry for you (an act which is my archenemy) into compact little packages.

Does anyone know of a service in Seattle that does it? Even more specifically, does anyone know of one service that does housekeeping AND laundry? I am a domestic nightmare. Yes, I am also considering doing that meal catering thing too. Methinks I should just get a husband instead. Hah.

Yes, IGACTM. Thanks.

Room for Rent

      Spacious 2-bedroom apartment in Bothell, Wa. in need of room mate A.S.A.P.
      Or by May 1st, whichever comes first.
      Apartment is 1,200sq. ft. large patio, with room for more furniture.
      New carpets, 2 full bathrooms.
      Microwave, dishwasher, cable T.V., cable internet close to 405
      and the Kenmore Park and Ride.
      Rent is $480 per month plus $30 flat-fee for utilities, not including electricity/cable.
      $500 deposit.
      ***Female room mate preferred***
      No drugs.
      No smoking inside, outside ok.
      No pets.

      Apartments also have 24-hour gym, 24-hour hot tub, 24-hour outdoor pool during season, and large capacity washer/dryer in unit and parking garage.

      I am 24, female, in a relationship, work nights, and have an active social life, so I'm rarely home.

      Please contact me via email:


Non Hip-Hop Clubs and Bubble Tea

I'm out of state, but will be spending a long weekend in Seattle upcoming. I used to live nearby, so I'm pretty familiar with the area. I'd love to get some recommendations:

Dance Clubs: A friend and I want to go out dancing on Friday, but she has no idea about good places. I've only ever been to the Noc Noc when someone was spinning live, and the Contour lounge for Russian Night - both were great. But, I'd like recommendations for other places. I'm looking for a place with dancing and decent mixed drinks,preferably with house/breaks/trance/etc. Most importantly, I want to avoid Hip-Hop like the plague. I will happily pay more cover or drive extra to not hear about Lil' John's ball sweat.
I checked the memories, but most related posts are approaching 3 years old, and not relevant for my non-hip-hop desires. If I have to listen to 'My Humps', I fear my brain will melt.

Bubble Tea: There is no Bubble Tea in Montana. SADNESS. I'm looking for places that make the fruit/tea smoothies that have the black balls. Maybe all bubble tea places have this - I don't know. I'm looking for places near the freeway, east of exit 10 on I-90 (all the way up to exit 300 for that matter), down 405S, and in the Greenlake area. I vaguely remember a stand in the Southcenter mall - is that any good? Or is there even such as thing as bad bubble tea? Google Local can point out at least 264 places, and I could pick ones that look near the freeway but Google tends to lie (it once wanted me to drive across a drainage ditch), and I don't know if all places make smoothies.

Many thanks!
we call out for those that make us feel

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hopefully someone can help me out here:

there's a restaurant, that metro route 41 passes from northgate to uw, specializing in caribbean fare. i honestly don't remember what street it's on, but i used to board the 41 right in front of the park at northgate, on roosevelt (the restaurant may be on roosevelt). the restaurant isn't too far from where i used to board, if i remember correctly.

does anyone happen to know what the restaurant's called? or even better, if anyone's had any experience with said restaurant?

Kitty Snake

fyi: immigration rally in downtown seattle, 10 april

Tomorrow as part of the national day of action for immigration reform Comunidases Latinas del North West is host of a rally in downtown Seattle.

The march will begin at 3.30 PM at St. Mary's Church, located at 611 S. 20th Street.  The march will continue to the Federal Building at 915 2nd Avenue, with a rally at 5.00 PM.

Regardless of your stance on issue, I thought we should all know in case it will interrupt you evening comute plans.