April 7th, 2006

Dark Moon

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Know a henna artist, balloon sculpture artist, magician, or juggler? The City of Everett is seeking talent for some kind of festival in June. Please pass this message along to your performing artist friends - paying gigs are a happy thing!

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Please contact the sender of the message directly with any questions. I'm just the messenger!

Seattle Bot Battles IV

Western Allied Robotics (W.A.R) presents:

Seattle Bot Battles IV

When: Sunday April 9th
Where: Seattle Center - Center House/Food Pavilion
Time: Fighting begins at 12 noon

Watch combat robotics in the Antweight (1 lb.) and Beetleweight (3 lb.) classes fight for total destruction and ultimate dominance. Enjoy 100% FREE bot carnage for your viewing pleasure.

Whirligig is also taking place this weekend so there is plenty of entertainment for the whole family. Especially the previously mentioned robot carnage.

Interested in joining the W.A.R? New builders are always welcome. Check out the rules and regs and sign up your fighting robot for our next event in September at Robothon. I believe Hobbyweight (12 lb.) bots will be battling at that show. Photos and video from Robothon 2005 can be viewed here. Cash prizes are awarded to all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each weight category.
Vomito de gato

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Does anyone know where I might purchase a good quality, old fashioned straight-edge shaving set?

I've searched all over the usual suspects, including cutlery shops in the local (Seattle) malls because they often carry these things, and I've come close, but no cigar.

Suggestions would be appreciated.

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Omaha Hi/Lo

Hey all,

Yet another person on a mission to find something specific in the Seattle area. Does anyone know of a casino or card room, preferably in the North Seattle area, that offers Omaha Hi/Lo poker? Everyone offers Texas Holdem, but I am looking specifically for Omaha.