April 5th, 2006

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I have a question about vehicle registration. I just moved here recently and my tabs were renewed in January, but when I change my address I'm wondering how much of a fee I'll be hit with. I live inside Seattle itself. Will I have to pay fees for the whole year, or just for April-Dec, or not at all until I need to renew?

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I know this is going to be off-topic-ey...

Did anyone here use Fetish (brand) body wash in the late '90s? I used to use their orange blackberry-scented body wash and it was just amazing. It was one of those cheaper brands of stuff found at Bartells, etc.. I am just dying to buy it. Maybe I am not looking up the right thing on Google; I can't find if the line was discontinued or renamed or anything (this may be because of the abundance of fetish websites that pop up).

Did/Do any of you buy it? Where did/do you?

Thank you!
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cheap/free bikes

I just got laid off from my job and dont' want to pay for gas.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest where to find a cheap/free bike to ride around town. I've been searching Craigslist, but maybe there are used bike shops around town that this community can recommend.

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Cozy Tea Shops

Anyone have a favorite tea shop in Seattle / North Seattle - a comfortable place to sit and chat?  While I found posts from 2003 on places to buy loose leaf tea,  I'm particularly hopeful to find a place that serves some sort of high tea goodies like finger sandwiches and scones (without having to go to Victoria).

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Late Night Laundry

Is there a laundrymat located in the CD, First Hill, Cap Hill that stays open past 10pm?
If not, is there other locales that have late night service?

I checked the Memories but couldn't find any info.
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Fancy teeth.

I am looking for a cosmetic dentist, specifically one who specializes in porcelain veneers. Anywhere in the greater Seattle area will do.

I have been looking around on Google, but if anyone has any recommendations, experiences, caveats, etc., they would be much appreciated. Does anyone have any experience with Dr. Karen McNeill-O'Connor?
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another "where in..." post, but this time around - two questions in one post! take that and shove it into the memories. as google really does not help in both the below questions.

firstly, does anyone know of any apartment complexes around the capitol hill/first hill/downtown/belltown area that has the free tanning amenity for residents, but more importantly - uses little brass tokens that look like a circle with two parallel straight edges? i'm looking for prospective apartments that have this amenity, and i have those little tokens leftover from a previous residency, in case i lose the one the complex gives me. and actually, while i'm asking this for the downtown seatle area, north seattle would be ok, too. we're looking to move up there (maybe) as apartments are cheaper.

secondly, i went to orcas island a few years ago and had the most amazing chicken salad at artworks (a little gallery type place with a cafe). i have since not been able to replicate attempts to recreate said addiction in my kitchen, nor have i found anyplace in seattle or otherwise that matches the greatness of that chicken salad. does anyone have any experience (or know of) any places that serve chicken salad? i'm willing to try anything closer to the seattle area to attempt to find a similar chicken salad, without having to actually go to orcas island and get the real thing.

thanks in advance.