April 4th, 2006

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SeattleTimes printed an article today about the height restrictions in Downtown Seattle. I’m torn between excitement and resignation. I’m excited because I feel that the Downtown core is too restricted by not only height restrictions, but physical barriers that impeed growth of a large metropolitan area. With I-5 to the East, Puget Sound to the West, the industrial area, Qwest and Safeco fields to the South, and Lake Union to the North, the Downtown core can’t sprawl out, only up.

There are problems as well. A lot of the residences that will be built will be high-cost condos, most likely out of our price range. More people also mean more traffic, both pedestrian and vehicle. This means more trash, more pollution, more congestion, and Downtown does not have any full size grocery stores until you go to Capitol Hill or Queen Anne.

The article notes that the City hopes to lure Baby Boomers into buying these high-cost condos. I have mixed feeilngs on this as well. I believe that it’s better to live in smaller condos than sprawling urban houses that are much to big for 1 or 2 people (think 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage). At the same time, I have stereotyped a lot of Baby Boomers as self-centered people who feel they are entitled to special treatment. By no means do I place every Baby Boomer in that category. I know many adults who are considerate and know that being nice will produce more results than demanding or demeaning. I’ve worked in many fields so far, and the number of Baby Boomers and their children who demand special treatment just astonishes me. Packing thousands into the Downtown core might be like placing a powder keg too close to an open flame.

I wish I could elaborate more, but I’ve run out of steam.

Care to share your thoughts on this subject?
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organic produce recommendations (non-delivery)

I am having a terrible time finding quality (read: not two days from rotting) organic produce in a grocery store! I think fruit/veggie stands are opening up right about now, does anyone have recommendations for QUALITY organic produce? (can I ask for cheap too?) Locale preference is north of the U-District (Madison Market is a bit too far away).

Checked memories first and got totally sidetracked for the last hour or so.
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Kitty needs a good home!

Originally posted by loopback, please direct any questions to him (his email address is listed below):


Sixteen is a sweet and beautiful cat, and is the last of the colony of "feral" (read: abandoned) cats that included my sweet kitty Hatchetface, bork's sweet kitty Squish, Brownie, Hooda, Crom, and numerous other insanely good natured and cuddleable cats.

Some photos of Sixteen being as cute as can be here:


Since Sixteen was pregnant, mskoi and I have taken the necessary steps of taking her to the vet to have her spayed. She is at the vet as we speak being operated on. Donations towards covering the cost of surgery would be swell and all, but here is honestly what I would rather you (the generic you) do:

Find her a home. She is a beautiful, sweet & loving cat and she deserves to be that animal that makes someones life a better and brighter place. She will be spayed, have received an Advantage treatment to deal with any fleas, have a round of vaccinations, and have her FIV/Leukemia tests done.

If you want this cat, and you will love her, let me know. loopback at shunned dot com.

Feel free to post this any and everywhere you like. This sweet cat deserves to spend the rest of her kitty life being spoiled and treated like the Princess she is.

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Hey, can anybody tell me a place in Seattle where I could buy crazy colored synthetic hair for braided hair extensions? I'm having the worst time finding anywhere to buy them that is closer than Spokane.


5th and Pine.

Was anyone else downtown last night to see the accident on 5th & Pine around 7:30? I'm just wondering...'cause I was working, and I guess a yellow cab ran a red light, and somehow caused an orange cab to come careening toward my storefront, and would have gone INTO my storefront (Coldwater Creek), had he not hit one of those giant planters, instead. He also managed to move the planter. I felt really bad for that cab driver, too, 'cause one of my co-workers said that although he was not hurt (nor was anyone else, thank goodness), he was really shaken up and dizzy. And somehow a Cadillac got hit, too. The thing is, it took the cops nearly 15 minutes to show up, even though my co-worker was on the phone with 911 about 30 seconds after the accident. Anyway, it was really exciting and REALLY loud. The tow trucks didn't show up to tow the 2 cabs till nearly an hour later, so the left lane of 5th, at Pine, was blocked for an hour 'cause of that. So I was wondering if anyone else was nearby and heard it also.

Oh, and another thing...the yellow cab driver who caused the whole thing by running the light...a lesson for us all...DON'T DO IT...especially not at one of the busiest intersections downtown.

One more thing...my co-worker who called 911 was just starting to ring up a customer and as I came running in from my break after hearing the noise, the customer walked over to me and goes, "That other lady was about to ring up my purchase, so if you could do it, I would appreciate it." She said it in a really mean voice and in my head, I'm thinking, "HELLO, there was just an accident and you don't even know for sure if everyone is safe, and that OTHER LADY is on the phone with 911, have some patience." But of course I smiled and said, "Yeah, of course I will ring you up."