April 3rd, 2006


Smokefree Seattle

I had long had this bookmarked for handy use. Over time I had noticed that the reports were not kept current and there were the occasional rude surprises.

But now I guess it doesn't matter any more and I can just delete it from my Favorites. :-)
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I call BS... King County Car Tab Tax

I have to get my tabs this month and I noticed that 277.00 of the full amount is going to the now defunct monorail project.
So now we all have to pay for the debts of a project that isn't even going to be finished ??
I call BS on this...

"When will the MVET (Motor Vehicle Excise Tax) end?

As required by state law, the Monorail MVET will continue to be collected until all agency debts are paid. The Board and SMP will work to end the tax as soon as possible. Agency assets and properties will be sold and the proceeds used to retire debt. Any debts not retired by the sale of assets will be paid off with revenue from the MVET. It is currently anticipated that the tax will be collected for 1 to 2 years from November 2005 to pay off remaining debt. There will be no refunds of the tax."

read more here:

I shall...

Feist Boots?

No, I don't have a fetish. I'm looking for a recording of the Feist set at Neumo's, last Thursday.

I happened to be in your fair city and took in this show, along with a shot in the dark at Cafe Vita (thumbs up, btw).

A cherry-on-top would be the aforementioned bootleg.

So, could you...would you...help a brother out?

In need of SBC

I am flying East in less than 48 hours and my Dad whom I am going to visit requested some Seattles Best Coffee in bulk, I went to Wallyworld this morning in Marysiville and Safeway in Everett and I can't find any Seattles Best Coffee! Help!
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Crazy / Scary people on the bus.

Have any of you experienced some really "out there" people when taking the bus somewhere?

I had a really bad experience on the #7 Downtown bus this past saturday.

This woman (at least over 30 yo) got on the bus with her elderly mother, and somebody asked her if she wanted to sit up front. Next thing we knew, she was bitching everybody out and screaming profanities about how she's being treated as a "slave" and people are trying to "force her mother" to sit in the front and split them up and make them worry and lose each other. Then she went on to yell at everyone about how they're just jealous of her beauty and her white ancestors, and that she wished she had no black ancestors at all--- said some really bad racial things to the (dark) girls that first said anything to her. Then she started talking about how we were all conspiring against her, and how this happens every time she gets on a bus. Then she went somewhere I really did NOT like. She started to go on about how she's protected and that she's leaving Seattle but we should "watch out" because the "last time people disrespected her" like that was in New Orleans, and look what happened there" right after that incident. WHOA there! This went on for about 10-20 minutes and then she seemed to finally be getting off, but first she had to run to the bus driver and yell at him about how most of the bus was acting towards her (People got to the point of saying "Shut the fuck UP already. Nobody cares! You're the angry one here.") and spoke to him as she did to the rest of the bus. After the doors closed and the bus was leaving, she had this insane look of anger on her face and just punched the bus window. I'm glad it didn't break and she was left behind, though. yikes. I didn't say anything just because I didn't want to be attacked like everyone else was, but I was really glad we all got out of there safe.

I was surprised they didn't stop the bus to kick her off and/or call the cops. I've had that happen with people who were much less of a disturbance.

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