April 2nd, 2006


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have you ever been in the position of the owners of the property you are leasing from wanting to sell the property from under your lease? if so, what's your story? i'm not looking for internet legalese, just stories from people who have been in this situation or similar.

the situation:

i live in a 'single family dwelling' (aka house) and rent through a property management firm. in the last day i have been notified by the property managers that the owner of the home would like to sell. my lease goes through the end of july, but what i'm hearing from them is that they are going to start showing the house the beginning of may regardless of my decision to vacate within the month (they even mentioned having a lock box on the door, which sounds illegal from the tenant's rights perspective).

i've read the landlord-tenants act and the only thing i can pinpoint is that i'm supposed to receive 60 days written notice. but written notice of what? vacating the house? showing the house? i'm lost.

all i know is that if i were to break the lease as a tenant, there'd be hell to pay according to the law. i don't see how it's supposedly so easy for me to be kicked out of my lease against my will without any sort of reasonable compensation/notice/legal obligation.

got stories? i wanna hear 'em.

C'mon down - April 9 & 10 at 7pm

12 Minutes Max: A Performance Exhibition
April 9 & 10 at 7pm

Seattle – On the Boards (OtB) is thrilled to present 12 Minutes Max, bringing seven new works across different mediums by regional artists. The latest installment of this experimental performance showcase runs in the OtB Studio Theater, Sunday and Monday, April 9-10. The cost is $7 at the door (no advanced reservations taken).
This installment was curated by dancer/choreographer Jessie Smith
and composer Jherek Bischoff.

Lineup for the April 12 Minutes Max:

§ Being a big supporter of the arts and an artist herself, Councilwoman Dori, a.k.a. Troy Mink, presents 3 attempts at poems throughout the evening (while filtering out her recent separation and drinking problem). (solo performance)
§ Kadee Stotler, with musician Antoinette McNillen, brings a dance piece based upon composed prose, the movement explores potentials, extremes, symbiosis, detachment, and lingering while seamlessly transitioning through solo and duet form. (Dance/music)
§ Inspired by the triumphant spirit that often prevails in the face of tragic circumstances and adversity, Melissa Rolnick choreographs a solo piece beautifully performed by Alona Christman. (dance)
§ Dolphin Julia Trahan performs an original solo work of compelling text and movement. She dances where angels fear to tread and reports back. (theater/dance)
§ Electric Chinese Orchestra (Justin Gerardy & Bill Patton) have sonically transformed your average toys (such as the Speak and Spell) into an orchestra of circuit bending instruments performing an abstract music composition. (music)
§ Recently premiering Reservoir at ConWorks, Jessie Smith’s Dead Bird Movement brings us a newly inspired dance duet with accompaniment by fellow curator Jherek Bischoff. (dance)
§ Implied Violence showcases their movement-based, non-linear, fractured drama “John Wayne,” exploring gender, love, manhood, death, and the workings of live art.

About the Curators
Jherek Bischoff has toured the U.S. and Europe extensively on and off for the past five years releasing albums with bands The Dead Science, Xiu Xiu, (((girls))), Jason Webley, and the Degenerate Art Ensemble. He was one of the featured Northwest composers in last years’ Degenerate Art Orchestra’s performance at The Moore Theater. Jessie Smith is the Artistic Director of Dead Bird Movement, which recently premiered Reservoir at Consolidated Works to much acclaim. Smith currently is dancing with another stellar Seattle dance company, locust.

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Cable TV Providers

I googled, I checked the memories and I scrolled through the last few days entries.

Could someone please point me to information about Cable TV providers in the Seattle area. I thought I'd seen it discussed here, at length, but all I find are Cable Internet posts.

Thanks a heap.


Thanks for all the info. It appears that there area indeed 2 providers. I will have to call both of them, since i've heard a rumor about BASIC BASIC cable for around $15 a month. Could be an urban legend tho. Millenium doesn't seem to have an online pricing guide, so I'll call them.