April 1st, 2006

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Yoga + Spokane

Anyone have recommendations for yoga in Ballrd or Queen Anne? I would like walk in or limited registration period since I am out of town all of May. It would also need to be intro/brand spanking new class type. I have googled an found about 4 that look interesting but more looking for personal recommendations or don't go there responses!

I will be in Spokane working for a month and would like any recommendations of yoga, places I need to see, things to do and anything to save me from being bored for 4 weeks. Yes, I know this is Seattle but I figure someone use to live there. :)


It's that time again...

It's the first Saturday of the month, which means it's time for Seattle's Vicarious Theatre Company to invite all of you to do the Time Warp again!

We perform the Rocky Horror Picture Show every first Saturday at midnight, at the Admiral Theater in West Seattle. Admission is $5 at the door - this month's audience theme is JOKERS.

You can find more information on our website - http://www.thezenroom.com - or you can comment on this post for info.

Our last 2 shows have sold our completely, and we're hoping for 3 in a row - get your spot in line early!

we call out for those that make us feel

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there is absolutely nothing in the memories about this, and i can't seem to know what keyword combination in google to type to be able to find what i'm trying to look for.

i'm looking for some sort of jazz voice ensemble, or group, or choir that either has open registration or a relatively simple tryout/registration process, in the seattle area.

i'm pretty experienced in a voice ensemble - i've been in choir since grade school all the way up until freshman year in college. the last two years of high school i was in three out of the five choirs (our select madrigal choir went to state for 15+ years straight, until our then-choir instructor left; i was also in our select jazz ensemble). i've been to regional and state competitions, so i handle stress and pressure really well. i have also played piano for 10+ years, so i can sight read music no problem. essentially, i'm looking for one that might be at an intermediate level, or advanced beginner, so i can learn to get in the swing of things.

if anyone knows anything, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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Change Machines

Does anybody know where I can find a change machine on Capitol Hill? You know, put your bill in, it gives you that amount in quarters. I need to do some laundry.

I know the 15th & John Safeway has one, but it's a bit of a walk from here, and I was hoping there'd be one down near Pike/Pine...

Grocery coupons?

Are there any grocery stores around here that still double coupons? I remember when I was younger there were a few stores that would double coupons, but I really don't know if stores still do this. Any idea?

Orthopedic question

So last night I broke my ankle, specifically both of the lower bones in my leg. Swedish ER did a good job splint casting it up and have gotten me an appointment monday morning to see an Ortho to get it fully fixed.

They have assigned me to Dr. Lawrence E. Holland.

Anyone ever seen him before? Any thoughts/experiences good or bad?

Thank you in advance
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I hope I'm not dating myself being able to remember the greatest local April Fools prank:

"Collapse" of the Space Needle

The Space Needle collapsed in a windstorm on April 1st, 1989...April Fools!

On the first day of April, 1989, Seattle area TV program Almost Live! set up a phony broadcast room and dressed actors as TV anchors to pull an April Fool's joke of legendary proportions. The mock newscast reported that the Space Needle had collapsed in a windstorm, featuring footage of downed parts of the needle and hysterical eyewitness accounts (also by actors). Local hospitals prepared for the inevitable onslaught of injured patients. One man, whose daughter worked at the Space Needle, in a panic, drove from Spokane to see if his child was safe.

The end of the skit gave the prank away, but by that time the panic was out of control. TV station KING 5, the creator and broadcaster of Almost Live!, later apologized.

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While cleaning the house, my fiance and I found some stuff we want to donate. Clothes and toys are pretty easy to figure out where they go but we have some old cellphones and textbooks we'd like to donate as well. Anyone know what local organizations will take old cellphones and/or textbooks?

Thanks :)