March 31st, 2006


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Ok, new to seattle...
blah blah blah
2 issues to address..

where could i get a hold of TAKING BACK SUNDAY tickets??
(go ahead make fun of me)
no really, does anyone have an extra one, or know where i can purchase one?? and what's up with ticketmaster being ticketwest here on the west coast?? are they the same company??


where is the closest animal shelter around capitol hill?? humane society??
im looking to volunteer there cause i love doggies.

thanks =]
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Besides the piles and piles of free swag they hand out why should you, the average non-comics fan want to go?

Captain Crais and Chiana (Lani Tupu and Gigi Edgely) from the fan-favorite Sci-Fi hit Farscape will be there!

You can meet James O'Barr the guy who Created The Crow way back before every semi-goth concept looked exactly like it!

The guy from the old Levi 501 Button Fly commercial will be there! You remember the series of Levi commercials Spike Lee did back in the day? The "What do you do in your 501's" commercials? Rob Liefeld was the comic book artist in that commercial!

COSTUME CONTEST!!! Is there anything better than watching people in Spandex parade about for your amusement?

Meet Gabe and Tycho of Peny Arcade fame and hear them speak on the topic of Web Cartooning!

And of course there's always tons of great stuff to see and do at the convention. Ongoing tournaments of Magic: The Gathering, Mechwarrior, Hero Clix and Vs. spread out with fabulous prizes to be won!

Don't miss out! Of all the conventions to choose as being "The One" that you go to just so you can tell everybody you've at least BEEN to a convention? <a href="</b> is the biggest and least threatening one you could ever choose to go to. See you there!

Downtown Sammich

For the love of all that's holy (in my stomach), where the hell can a guy get a good sandwich downtown? I'm at 4th/Marion right near the library. Don't want to walk too far. I go to Specialty's a bunch, but I'm sick of them. Everything else has left me sorely disappointed.


Immigration rally in Seattle.

I know someone asked about this before, but since I'm too lazy to find the post and reply to it, I'm making another post. Info:


Rally for Immigrants Rights at the Univ. of Washington.

Students from the University of Washington will rally for the rights of immigrants; we acknowledge that immigrants contribute to our economy and deserve rights as everyone one else. Please support us as we walk across campus and rally for the rights immigrants deserve! House Bill HR4437 should not be tolerated.

Please make sure to wear a white t-shirt as a sign of unity!

When: Wednesday, April 5th 2006 at 12pm

Where: University of Washington Red Square

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Suggestions please

Any help is appreciated and I apologize if this isn't the right place to post this, but I figure this is a general enough question. I'm trying to find a weekend getaway that's about an hr or so out of Seattle for a special friend and I to go to. I'd rather get some actual feedback from those who have experienced certain places, instead of just searching on google so that's why I'm asking on here. I want a place that's unique, special, etc. A place where there's a good nightlife perhaps, or fun activities to do around it- good restaurants, hiking even... I like the idea of traveling on a ferry somewhere... say the San Juans? Anyway, I'd love some help. Thanks sooooo much to those who respond!

Snoqualmie Pass Conditions


Has anyone been up to Snoqualmie Pass this past week & can tell me what the conditions are like up there, and specifically what lifts/runs might still be worth visiting for our last trip up this season. I'd really appreciate it.