March 29th, 2006


Your first warning!


Saturday is obviously the day of choice if you're only going to go for one day, seeing as how that's the day with the big Costume Contest. Fabulous prizes await those foolhardy enough to show their true Geekosity!

Sunday is the day to go if you want to clean up and get the best deals, because The Dealers don't wanna have to pack it all up and take it all home. Get that great piece of 80's nostalgia you've been needing for your desk!

Be prepared for a rather Gothcentric convention this year, as the guests include fantasy artist Brom, James O'Barr ("The Crow") and Roman Dirge ("Lenore")! And there's plenty of standard Comic Nerdiness to go around as both Erik Larsen AND Rob Liefeld will be in attendance! Maybe this will be the convention where the gloves come off and the punches start flying between these two! Oh, and of course there's about a gazillion other hot artists and writers comijng such as Adam Hughes, Steve Niles, Tim Sale, Kurt Busiek, Gail Simone... too many to list in one posting! Just go and check out the site if you're curious!

(cross-posting a few places, and you'll only get one more warning before the show. I promise!
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SQL DBA needed for 6 month downtown contract

Hi Everyone,

The small(ish) company for which I work has picked up a contract through September with the District Court of Western Washington. This is a "favour" for them as they're an existing client. Our shop focuses on .NET devevlopment rather than DBA stuff, so we're hoping to find some one willing to work downtown for the next six months. If you get the position, you'd be working onsite with a bunch of former Microsofties so exposure to non-technical people would be at a minimum. I've listed the details below if you think you'd like to take this on. Contact me at my hotmail account ( as my corporate account tends to screen mail at inopportune times.

A minimum of 5 years DBA experience with SQL Server 2000, Transact SQL, SQL, SQL Reporting Services, and/or DTS.
Familiarity with Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, ASP.NET, C#, and JavaScript.

Collaboration Skills- Working with different departments responsible for delivering different pieces of the application at multiple organization levels.
Communication Skills- Experience producing systems requirements for small to medium scale custom applications systems. And, experience providing end user support/coaching form project initiation through initial implementation.

Start Date:

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Mayor Nickels in TIME Magazine

Next week's issue of TIME magazine has a huge article about Global Warming and Mayor Nickels has a 3/4 page article within the story.

TIME magazine praises Seattle for its attempts to lower gas emissions etc. All in all, it was a great article (the main story, the part about Nickels was sort of stupid, because it basically says that when Bush decided not to sign the Kyoto Agreement, Nickels decided to draft his own "US Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement.") There's a pretty good photograph of Nickels in Seattle Center with the Space Needle in the background.
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Liz Wedding

Pre-Sale Qwest Field

Does anyone have the password for the Presale of tickets for the Kenny Chesney concert at Qwest Field on June 24th?  I have the password for tomorrow's presale, but i'm going to be in training all day.  So I wanted to get them taken care of today.  Thanks!! 

Edit:  Password has been found, thank you.  Sorry for the bold type earlier.

Hot Air Balloons

For our one year anniversary in late May, I was thinking of surprising my altitude obsessed boyfriend with a hot air balloon ride. I checked memories and googled several companies. I know of one in Woodinville (I lived there for 9yrs and they sometimes hit the tops of our trees)and found one in Carnation. Both offer meals after the flights too.

Anyone have an experience with any companies?

Any information would be cool to help me make up my mind.


Good VW Service?

Hey everybody-

I own a 96 Jetta that is freaking out on me (oil lights on and im full, high pitched constant beeping - you know, the crazy shit) and I'm not sure where to bring it. I've brought it to University VW in the past and they've been good to me, but I also know they are pretty expensive. I'm AmeriCorps (make $800 a month) and really can't afford to do anything to my car at all, but I'm forced to.

So does anyone have any good recommendations for fair priced, respectable place where I can have my car checked out and treated and healed and returned to me happy and healthy?

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Hawks Season Tickets

Did anyone on here put down a deposit for season tickets for the Seahawks? I put my deposit down and received a dumb DVD in the mail, but haven't heard anything about availability of seating yet. Of course, I'm probably 10 gazillionth on the list.

I'm sure the incident with the gunman who killed six people and then himself at a party last Saturday is still fresh in a lot of peoples mind. In a rare bout of random web surfing, I stumbled across MyDeathSpace - a site that has postings of people who died with MySpace accounts.

Four of the six are listed along with photographs here. Justin 'Sushi' Schwartz, Chris 'Deacon 808' Williamson, Melissa Moore, and Jason Travers.

In Adoration of Feline Fur-Bearers

Hey, gang!

Cutting to the chase, I’m in the market for a cat. A friend mentioned and very highly recommended going through a cat shelter located in somewhere in Greenwood, where the beasties are already neutered, inoculated, and so forth. However, she couldn’t remember the name of this place or it s location. Apparently, it’s a cat-specific adoption outfit, not affiliated with the ASPCA or PAWS. Can someone out there in Seattleland point me in the right direction? Might the place have a website?
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