March 28th, 2006

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Single vs. Double Shot Tall Coffees in Seattle

Sidenote - Who is keeping up with the memories in this community? How does that work?

Anyway, my question:

I ended up going to the Caffe Ladro in lower Queen Anne this morning instead of the Bauhaus (my regular spot for a half-hour of reading and mocha goodness before work). I was suprised to find that Caffe Ladro's tall (12 oz) coffee had an automatic two shots of coffee in it. I always have to order a "double tall" when I'm at the Bauhaus (and at all other small and irrelavant coffee shops I've stopped at over the years) in order to have two shots in 12 ounces.

I'm well aware of the great coffee shops around - Vivace, Zeitgeist, Victorla, Monorail Espresso, B&O, etc. - but I've been so busy ordering a "double tall vanilla mocha" for years that I never stopped to wonder if some of these places actually automatically serve their talls as doubles.

SO - what do you know about it? Where are the talls doubles and where are they singles? I'd rather ask here than go on a half-year-long expedition through the coffee shops of Seattle.

ICGATM, leading to my first question (because I poked around more areas than just the area on food and saw some categories that need some of our recent posts saved in them!).
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Help victims and survivors of the shooting 3/25/06

There are some very wonderful people working with the shooting survivors, as well as with the families of the people who did not survive. I am awestruck at the community of people that have come together to offer caring and support.

If you would like to offer assistance, your help is both needed and deeply appreciated. The more people that come together at this time, the more care and support we can give to the people who are grieving.

If you are interested in helping out in any way, please contact me. My email address is crowgirl at gmail dot com. I will be in touch with you to confirm your interest and let you know what you can do to help.

Thank you so much. Even if you do not choose to offer support at this time, please keep us all in your thoughts and (if you pray) prayers.
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Free Stuff

Hello Seattle. I am moving and have some stuff I don't want to keep. If you want it, and can pick it up today, it's yours:

2 fully functional, new condition, super-soaker water guns.
Lots of books on sociology, race and gender issues.
Some other stuff and nicknacks...

Near 11th and John on Cap Hill
text or call (206) 407-4120 for more info
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looking for someplace in the downtown/beltown/queen anne area to throw a going away party for my boss the night after tomorrow. we're expecting about 50 people, so they'd need a room big enough to host, and we'd like some appetizers or something. obviously a bar is a big thumbs up. he's been here for 9 years, so something a little nicer than jillians, which was my initial idea. any thoughts/suggestions?

[EDIT: we ended up at mccormick's & schmicks. thanks for the ideas!]