March 27th, 2006

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Anyone know of if there is a rally planned for Seattle regarding the immigration reform controversy? ICGATM.

unrelated: There is structural damage to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge because a construction crane fell onto it and it is apparently closed until further notice. Oh noes :(

Vet Clinic Near UW?

So, I just got a kitty, yay! But, I need to take her in to get her first check-up. I checked the memories and google, but there isn't really anything about vet clinics near UW. If any of you have recommendations, please let me know! I'd really like to find a good, not too expensive place to take her. Oh yeah, here's a pic of my little kitty, Jane!

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comfort food

I'm missing the Chicken Pie Shop from San Diego something fierce. They had plain but tasty american comfort food, like chicken pie, sirloin tips, etc., a bright and cheery atmosphere, and waitresses who won't offer you dessert choices until you finish your vegetables. I loved the place.

Where do all the hip retirees go for lunch and dinner in this town? I'm hoping for something other than the IHOP/Denny's and Beth's answers I've been getting from my coworkers.

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I am trying to track down a friend who lived in the house where the shooting took place. He managed to escape without injuries but has been missing ever since. personal info redacted by bohemianish If anyone knows where he is please contact me or have him contact me. crowgirl at gmail dot com. Thank you so much and please support everyone who has been affected by this.

UPDATE: thank you to the people who have contacted me. I have taken this person's name and info off this post.
{HP} Hermione

looking for places to drop off books

So, I'm moving soon (to another part of town) and I'm having to pair down quite a few things as I'm moving into a much smaller place. The biggest thing I have is books. My god do I ever have too many BOOKS. They're taking over my room at the moment in fact.

While I've found about 1/4 of them good homes by leaving them with friends, and I know I can sell some at Half Priced Books, I was wondering if there are any (non-Goodwill/thrift store) places taking books for charity. Children's hospitals, homeless shelters, or any other project you've heard of. Or if you need books for an art project or something else useful you can think of I can negotiate a pickup time with you - anything to get them out of my house! Heck, if you take them for personal reading pleasure I will throw in a bookshelf. How about that.

I've got about 3-5 grocery sacks of books, or at least that's what it's looking to shape into (managed to fit in all of my must-haves into two rubbermaids *sigh*), everything from classics to modern to poetry to comics to short story collections, and everything, really must go.

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Hey Seattle! I'm new to this group. I'm moving up there next month, so I thought i'd stop by and say hello!! In the mean time, here is a picture I took of the needle a few weeks back when I came up for a visit. I had fun with photoshop when I got home. :) ENJOY!

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Fellow Community Members,

An African American owned and operated business in Renton has been the target of racial discrimination. The name of the restaurant is Three Sisters BBQ. They have been harassed since they opened their doors with hate letters and graffiti. The owners are remaining open in face of the threats. We are hoping to organize an eat in at the restaurant. It would be great if the community could come out and support this business while making a public protest that we will not let racial discrimination push this business or any business out. Please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested. We are tentatively be planning the "eat-in" for next Sunday April 2nd in the afternoon. If you are interested in attending next Sunday's "eat in" or planning another please email Mary Jayne at maryjayne.walker at

Also in Renton a Subway owned and operated by a South Asian family had their windows broken and the word "terrorist" spray painted across their building just last week. The police found the person who did this but given the other reoccurring incidents at 3 Sister's BBQ it seems as though a culture or racism and hate is prevalent.

Please support these two restaurants, let them (and those taking these actions) know as community members we do not support racism and hate.

Thank you, Laurel

*3 Sisters BBQ*
509-B S 3rd
Renton, WA 98055

*Subway in Renton*
4020 NE 4th St
Renton, WA 98056

"Concerned citizens", grinding the usual axes.

Since when is two handguns, a shotgun, and a few hundred rounds of ammunition "a huge arsenal"?

And since when is a recurring safe low-key after-party of mostly 18+ people a bunch of "unsupervised minors"?

And since when is a guy in his mid 20s a "youth"?

I hate mainstream newspaper editors, hoplophobes, "concerned parents and citizens", and all similar idiots, morons, and bawl-boobs.

To the editors of the Seattle PI, the Seattle Times, KOMO news, and CNN, I'm talking about you.
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Despite the woowoo language of the site (and it's highly woowoo), I can fully get behind the idea of a day dedicated to playing, cause way to many adults have forgotten what it's like to just play, and have fun. There doesn't seem to be anything scheduled yet for Seattle, but there should be.

Planetary Play Day

Speeding Ticket

I got nabbed doing 36 in a 25 mph zone this morning out in Edmonds, resulting in a $132 fine. The motorcycle cop was hiding around the bend with his radar gun, and as soon as I saw him and began to hit the brakes, he got me on lock. He must've been having a field day, just right after I was issued my ticket he walked back out there with his radar gun and in five seconds pulled-over another driver.

Okay, this is my first ticket in the 3 1/2 years of my clean driving record. Any procedure how I should have this taken care-of, and whether I should contest it with the judge having the fine reduced or just pay straight-up? How much points on my record and will it have a dramatic effect on my insurance premium?

Many thanks.