March 25th, 2006

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I would like to find huge (60x40 yards at least) paved areas in Seattle which are mostly unobstructed and void of activity and available for people to play on, the closer to Seattle University the better, but they don't need to be that close.

I'm guessing most things that fit those requirements would be parking lots, but its really important that they be way bigger than neccessary so that the vast majority has no traffic or cars.

Any ideas?

endodontic treatment

i've been googling and searching memories...


i need a root canal. ugh.

however, i dont have dental insurance, and its going to cost a bit more than i've budgeted for...

1.) does anyone know of some sort of 3rd party dental insurance i can get? i do have a high enough income, so i can't collect for that sorta thing.

2.) does anyone have any good recommendations of some place that might do this at a cheaper rate? (dental schools?)

i am finding some stuff... but i was hoping to hear if anyone had any personal experiences.

camera me

Asian American Talent needed - Sunday March 26th

We are a small production team shooting a film for the Seattle International Film Festival Fly Films competition. We are searching for Asian American actors (or wanna be actors!!!!) to act as featured extras portraying members of an Asian film production team. There is the potential for a line in the film and it is guaranteed to play on opening weekend of SIFF.

We would need you to arrive at 8:30 AM and stay until 4 PM. If you are unavailable for the duration of the day, we are still interested in having you on the shoot. Please let us know what your schedule is.

Please meet us at:

Bush Garden Restaurant
614 Maynard Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98104

If you can join us, please call Wilson at 360-608-5903 or Caroline at 206-240-9942 or email


Mass Shooting on Cap Hill

I can't find an online link to it yet... but King 5 has been showing live feed from a shooting on Cap Hill. 6 People dead and 3 seriously injured when a gunman walks into a house at 7am, shoots several people and then kills himself. It sounds like the victims were all young. Anyone know someone who lives in a blue house on E. Republican?
we call out for those that make us feel

seattle events

i've checked the memories and tags, but to no avail.

i'm trying to look for an all-conclusive calendar, list, or forum of some sort that lists the most seattle events, all in one place. it seems like right now there's five or so sites that you could go to in order to get a fairly good grip on what's going on in or around seattle, but it's the aggregate information of these five or so sites on one site that is more along the lines of what i am looking for.,'s calendar, seattle CL, and seattle, are all sites i currently frequent. it seems like there would be a more comprehensive calendar out there that details seattle events, but i'm just not seeing it.

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recommendations for a great deep de-cluttering service?

I need to get my largish, one-bedroom apartment in order fast. It's not really dirty - any cleaning itself will be minimal and easy - just deeply chaotic and cluttered. There is just a lot of stuff stacked up and piled into boxes here. It needs to be organized, and of course some things need to be thrown away, and I am overwhelmed by it all.

I am NOT interested in having someone "teach" or "show" me how to organize anything at this time. I don't want to talk to anyone perky who's going to stand there pointing at things, asking questions, and making me do the physical work. I've been very ill. I am physically and mentally exhausted, drained, and weak, and what I want is to hire someone to come in and do it for me so I don't have to think about it.

I need more than a maid or a housekeeping service. I need someone to come in and make sense of this for me, and create better space here. It may involve some medium-heavy lifting and stacking of boxes. The main thing is that I don't want to have to make decisions on organizing: I want to pay someone to do that.

If you have recent experience with a good local service (I am in the Capitol Hill area) which can send someone to organize an apartment, please let me know. I don't know where to begin looking, and I'd rather go by personal recommendations than by advertisements.

Thank you so much for any leads!
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[insert your standard moving-to-Seattle spiel. coffee is awesome, rain is teh r0x0r, yadda yadda.] But I really am looking forward to it. Just hope I don't find any mutant mattresses rising up out of the Puget Sound.

At any rate, I've been hunting for some sort of real estate to buy... and I can't afford anything in a decent area on the west side. I'm working at a place downtown with pretty liberal flex time policies, so I'm pondering venturing over to the east across Lake Washington.

I found standard commute times, but there doesn't seem to be any listed for Kirkland. Would commuting from Kirkland to downtown (even at off-peak times, maybe 10am going in, 7pm going out) be absolutely ridiculous & result in burn-out after a few months? And at peak times, could anyone characterize the commute? Do things move slowly or is it lots of stop-and-go (relevant on account of having a car w/ a manual transmission)?

Kitty Snake

seattle commericials

whats your favorite and least favorite seattle commerical?

my vote is for that northwest jobs commerical with that stupid woman who says, "yes! i got the job!" i hate that commerical with an undying passion. i would hate to work with that woman. i feel like she would just go on and on and on about how she got her job on northwest jobs or whatever it is

it's not a bias - you just give yourselves a bad name

As a former member of sports teams and marching bands that are required to keep the organization's name in good standing - I took off my "alumni" car sticker in case I did somethingon the road to piss someone off - I am APPALLED at how the "Westsound Elite" competitive cheer squad (no website available, I guess they're located somewhere in the Puget Sound region) treated me - their server - at my restaurant tonight at dinner. They were in town for a cheer competition.

6 members of the squad and their chaperone - who did nothing to stop these kids - ran me ragged for an hour. Not only did I have to keep coming back to take orders even after they said they were done - and asking the price of each item afterwards too as they were counting their cash to see if they had enough (as if they had enought to tip me!). Every time I walked by - I had 4 other tables including another large party of 15 - they would throw their arm out behind them and shout out "more coke" please, just a demand, throwing their head the other way. How dramatic.

As soon as I started bringing out food for other tables, balancing 4 plates on two arms or carrying a large tray of beverages they would shout out more demands - multiples at a time. Even if I said "just a minute" they would continue to say "ok, but we want...." They even resorted to snapping their fingers at me when I WAS TALKING TO OTHER TABLES. I would look up and give them the "one minute" finger - they would sigh in annoyance.

Our restaurant offers us the option to add an automatic 15% gratuity. When they asked for the bill - they didn't say the wanted it split, I added 15% and brought it out. 5 minutes later they snapped their fingers and said they wanted it split. One paid with credit card. One person tried to walk out on me when I stopped him on the way out and asked if he paid yet - his credit card folder was empty in the back.

He asked the total, I told him, he didn't have enough and asked why I added the gratuity. I explained it was because he was with the group. "But I'm alone." I was nice and said it doesn't matter. THEY WERE GOING TO STIFF ME!

I can not beleive that this organization would allow their members to patronize local restaurants and expect free service! Thank god I forced them to tip (let alone made that one person pay....) Westsound Elite...if you ever come to my restaurant again, I will personally refuse service to you. You are immature, rude, and I hope I never have to deal with you again.

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