March 24th, 2006


Artful Chaos in Westlake

Just in from the seattlecacophony list at yahoogroups:

Artful Chaos to Take Over Westlake This Weekend
The world-infamous Infernal Noise Brigade, including their
dance team, is planning something big this Saturday
and Sunday at Westlake Park. Word on the street says some sort
of grand cacophony will go down promptly at 4:30
p.m. both days.

Get there before the cops do. It should be fun to watch the
grimaces of unsuspecting shoppers.

The live performance will interrupt a related audio installation
that's in place at the park today through Sunday. Creator
Inphaseprod says to expect a "sound composition for 16
loudspeakers carefully mixed for spatial orientation. Aimed
at sonically recreating situations of street liberation, strategic
blockades, and ot her manifestations with an emphasis on the
music of the Infernal Noise Brigade and its ability to transform
tedium into the ecstatic."


In the next two months I'm going to be working on a very special project through the Junior League of Seattle benefiting an organization in Seattle known as Childhaven.

Childhaven is an organization that takes nursey school to the max - they work with the foster care system, foster care families, and even children dropped on their doorstep to give care to the very youngest children who have come from abusive, neglectful and dysfunctional homes. Childhaven works with babies to children 5 years of age and their real parents who are trying to turn their lives around, or adopted and foster parents who have taken in children who were removed from their original homes. Once children are old enough to start attending Kindergarten, they "graduate" from Childhaven, and into the school system.

Childhaven loves and cares for these children dearly. It's considered one of the most successful and professional organizations for young children from troubled homes. They want to send the children out successfully to their next challenge in life: school. They have started a backpack program, in which they give each and every graduating child a backpack to start Kindergarten with that contains a new outfit, including shoes, school supplies like crayons and pencils and paper and a binder and, if we raise enough money, perhaps some type of special soft toy. Kids are given a wonderful graduation gift from Childhaven that prepares them for their next challenge in life, and let's them feel equal to other students in school because they have those things they need to succeed.

This year, I am working with a group of woman to put together 30 backpacks for 15 girls and 15 boys. A $25 donation would get school supplies or shoes or an outfit, $50 would sponsor a whole backpack, and $100 would sponsor a whole unit: backpack, school supplies, clothing and shoes.

I know the warm hearts and generousity of my friends, even my friends who are further away and I keep in touch with vs. Livejournal. Right now I am seeking out and collecting checks made out to Childhaven in whatever amount that people feel they are able to give. If any of my friends feel that they could afford $25 - even $15 or $10 - please get in touch with me and I'll be glad to forward my address. I'm very excited about the idea of sending these kids off to school with the backpacks of their dreams, whether it's a little boy who loves things dinosaucer, the boys and girls who have told us they are just crazy about Dora the Explorer (I'd love to be able to afford a few of her things from Target), or the little girl who wants things "Pink as Possible, Ma'am!" Princesses and butterlies and and magic wands - oh my!

I really hope that people will be interested in donating to Childhaven, and making these backpacks a part of the children's reality. It's not really that much money, and it's going to a very good cause. Please let me know if you want to help out. Thank you!

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Can anyone suggest a good hang out/bar night/straight-bar-that-doesnt-suck for lesbians? I have just moved here and Im having a hard time finding things to do. From the list of events in seattle weekly and the stranger I know there has got to be something out there, but I have no idea what is what, and what is actually fun. Im lost!

Ive been to Cherry at the War Room and had a great time but found out this night is only monthly. =\ Ive already been to the Wild Rose and people there werent very friendly, Im not too inclined to go back. I hope those arent my only two options...

My girlfriend and I dont mind gay-boy bars as long as the crowd is younger and the music is good. Would anyone recommend Neighbours? I know this sounds like a lame question, but is there a lot of drug use at this club? On the site it says its 18+... we had a 18+ club in San Diego where a good 50% of the people there were high on something. I dont care if people do drugs, I just prefer not to be in that type of atmosphere.

Is there even a bar there since it is 18+?

I have checked the memories sections on 'clubs', however most of them are outdated and there is hardly any mention of the word 'gay' or 'lesbian' in the entire archive.

I have already googled it and didnt have much luck.

thanks in advance.
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Spring magic

It was a beautifully sunny morning today - a bit windy but I always enjoy that. Everything felt fresh and all things considered it was rather pleasant.

At about 9:30am, while walking to my office on 2nd avenue there was a strong gust of sustained wind which lasted for maybe a minute or so. I was walking along-side the WaMu tower and entered a sunny courtyard as the gust subsided. Seconds later there was an all-encompassing blizzard of tiny white flower petals from all the trees in the courtyard - the strong gust of wind had shaken them off of their branches and they were coming down like a very heavy snow obscuring everything further then 30 feet away. The sun shining through the mass of flowers had a peculiar filtered quality, the sheer volume of petals creating their own wildly racing set of shadows on the ground.

It was still quite breezy and this caused the spring snow to remain impossibly suspended in the swirling air, getting denser all the time as more petals joined the fray. I was entirely surrounded by hundreds of elegant flower petal spirals, each one racing in its own direction and towering tens of feet high above me. It was marvelous to be engulfed in a seemingly infinite sea of flower petal tornadoes.

Suddenly the wind died and every petal stopped twirling. It was has if a giant machine had been unplugged, the whole show instantly stopped in its tracks and all its parts hung in place for a moment. motionless. Then all at once and with absolute silence every petal fell straight down to the ground creating a blanket inches deep in some places.

I realized then that there were a few others in the courtyard with me, each frozen in their tracks quite clearly experiencing the same wonder I was. We all stood there silently for a moment smiling at each other.
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Pinehurst neighborhood residents...

I have noticed that your neighborhood is now full of these odd pond-like holes in the ground in various states of completion (instead of the usual buried culverts/grassy or gravelly parking strips). Upon driving around I noticed the sign saying this is the "Green Grid" project. I looked it up on the internets and only found that it will be nice for drainage and be good for Thornton Creek, but no real details about these enormous holes in the ground and their impact on residents.

When I saw them, even the "finished" (?) ones, all I could think was that they are going to turn into big soggy mudpuddles and mosquito breeding grounds. Also, some of them are REALLY deep and look dangerous to have around a neighborhood I can only assume has some kids. I couldn't help imagining some kid falling in and hitting their head on the pipes sticking out or that circle of rocks. Some of the homes' walkways have these almost abyss-like pond-things on either side of them! Some driveways are sandwiched in this same way.

The "finished" looking pond-things didn't look very appealing, with a big pit of mud in the middle, no rocks or anything on the puddle-floor to make it less muddy-looking, and there was a LOT of standing water.

The pipes that stick into the ponds don't seem to go anywhere but from hole to hole. Pinehurst is up on a hill. Are they expecting these pond things to fill up? Is there really that much water in that area? Are they expecting them to fill up with rain? Or seepage? I didn't see any other handy drain pipes.

Because of the major change to the now-nonexistent shoulders, the roads feel significantly narrower and they've had (?) to remove the mini roundabouts in many intersections.

My questions for the residents of this neighborhood are: Do you actually LIKE this? Did you get any choice in this? Were you actually having problems with flooding? Are you as concerned as I am about the possibility of injury due to kids/pets/vehicles/whatever falling into these huge pits? What are you going to do to avoid massive bug breeding? (These muddy pits with standing water are a JOY for mosquitoes to behold!) Are the pits with the burlap-like covering over the surrounding dirt and little plants/landscaping really "completed" pits? Is there any more to these pits other than a mud floor?

I'm really curious about the residents' reaction to this (I know that the City feels it's all good rah rah yay yay environment, creek, drainage, necessary, blah blah blah), and didn't want to knock on people's doors and creep them out, but the curiosity is really getting to me. Since I don't live in Pinehurst myself (I'm a neighbor in Lake City), I don't exactly know what to make of it and whether I should care one way or the other (unless your mosquitoes become a problem in my neighborhood, then I'll care a lot).

Any thoughts?
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