March 23rd, 2006


Birthdays are tough.

So my boyfriend loves cake. After any cake-requiring celebration he can eat it for days: it becomes his breakfast mantra. He likes making his own frosting, adding extra ingrediants to spice up the boxed cakes, and thinks the basic cakes (especially chocolate) are boring.

His birthday is coming up, I can't bake worth a damn, and he's expressed a curiousity about a poppyseed cake with whipped cream cheese frosting. I'm lost.

I'm thinking of ordering a specialty cake and bringing it home or, even better, taking him to a bakery/cafe for lunch/dessert. I searched a few cites (Citysearch, LJ, etc) but there are so many high-rated bakeries that I'm not sure which one to choose!

So I come to you, LJ Seattlites. Which bakery and/or cafe should I take him to? We live in Northgate but I'm sure I could take him for a drive if it meant delicious cake (of any variety...other than plain chocolate). I was impressed by Louisa's Cafe's website but don't know anyone who has been there. Besides, I was also impressed by Cupcake Royale in Ballard, and my boyfriend was sorely dissapointed!


Dear seattle;

I am planning a vacation to Victoria B.C. in the near-ish future (think late may), and frankly i don't want to go by myself.
This leaves me with the question: are there any entertaining, single women out there who want to tag along with me?
I promise high tea, lots of walking around pointlessly, over the counter codeine, a parade, and sitting in on parliamentary proceedings.
If you are willing to put out all weekend, I'll even pay your way.
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Nanny needed - x posted

We are looking for a nanny for our little 2 year old girl.

We have an extra room in an old house with hardwood floors, a fenced in back yard near several parks and schools in North Everett.

We would like to start interviewing nannies for a possible full time live-in arrangement. The hours we would need are 9 to 2:30pm 4 days a week. We would offer some kind of wage to be discussed and room/board. Single parents are welcome to apply. Some house work is also expected.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone interested in the position. If know anyone, please send me their contact info.

thank you!

email hannah(at)cadmiumyellow(dot)com

James Blunt Tickets wanted!!

I'm looking for two James Blunt tickets for the April 3rd show at the Paramount in Seattle. I have searched other lj music communities and posted on Craigslist already, but thought I'd try here. Please let me know if you no longer need yours or want to sell them to me!! Thanks

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where in seattle could i find an inexpensive/cheap, preferably porcelian/glass doll?

i know i could drive to toys r us or something, but i wanted to know what was nearby.

if not porcelain/glass...something that looks old school. you know, those creepy dolls with blinking eyes.

thanks seattle!
we call out for those that make us feel

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i searched through memories, and found exactly what i was looking for, but it's also from july of 2003. i know times have changed since then, music tastes have changed, and who knows what else, so i thought i'd try again here.

i'm looking for karaoke recommendations. i'm not necessarily looking for any particular thing, i'm just looking for all around recommendations on different places that have karaoke nights, and people's previous experiences with them.

- what kinds of song selections do they have?
- what nights do they have karaoke? if they have them on more than one night, what night's the best night to go?
- if it's at a bar/club, how's the crowd and the bar/club itself? if it's at a restaurant, how's the crowd?
- are there any places i should stay away from?

any help is appreciated.


Just Thought I Would Check...

I will be visiting Canada for a couple of sweet days, in late spring. Honestly, I'd rather be accompanied because I simply can't be bothered to go solo. Any single, foxy, Freds around who might want to be my date for the trip? I promise lots of food, running through fountains, drinks if you're 19+, a parade, and sitting in on brain surgery. If you will have sex with me the entire stay, there will be no cost to you for your time or services. Intelligence not necessary.

I accept tips.

With love.
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she stole my tree

Somebody uprooted (yes, stole) a TREE from my front yard 30 minutes ago. I need it back please.

If anyone see a short haired brunette, approximately 5'6, wearing glasses and speaks with an Australian accent (maybe faked) carrying a 4ft tall Royal Star Magnolia around the Greenwood/Greenlake/Ballard area. Let me know. k,thx.

my tree looks like this: