March 22nd, 2006


Scam Alert

Got a call from a "Mr. Wright" at "Wiggins Adjustments" saying someone WHO ISN'T ME needed to call him back - "its in your best interest to call me back".

To make it short, I called the # back on my cell phone "the subscriber you have called isn't accepting calls at this time" - called again in case I had # wrong - got real sounding recordings & a menu saying enter your credit card here". Then another saying if you are THAT NAME THAT ISN'T MINE press one, if you are not THAT NAME THAT ISN'T MINE press two". I pressed 2 & the recording said, "leave your name & # & we'll call you back".

I called a 3rd time a few minutes later just to check& got "the subscriber you have called isn't accepting calls at this time". Checked my outgoing #'s list & verified that all 3 times I called the same #.

I panicked a bit perhaps but I found some good info on what to do about idenity theft.

with Experian: 1-888-EXPERIAN (397-3742);; P.O. Box 9532, Allen, TX 75013, you can put an immediate fraud alert on your credit, even at 11:30 pm.

there were actually 2 messages. The first was 30 seconds of bad musak with a recorded voice saying, "please hold, this is a important call regarding your personal information", but they never left a contact # or said what they wanted or who they were. The 2nd was the same but after 15 seconds of blaring bad musac, Mr Wright came on.

creepy, huh...such a normal sounding man who left message...I guess they figured people would pay just to not have to listen to that damn musak.

Bass lessons?

Hi all. I just recently purchased a new bass guitar (an Ibanez Artcore ASB140). I'm a total novice--before I bought this one I'd literally never even picked one up. I've wanted to learn for years so I'm really excited that I've finally got the equipment... but now I need to learn how to use it all. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good place for bass lessons? If it's at all relavent, I love rockabilly (ie: Rev. Horton Heat, Horrorpops, Tiger Army, Detroit Cobras, etc.) and would like to be able to play in that style. Any leads would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Autographs at Key Arena

If your favorite band is playing at Key Arena and you were hoping for an autograph, where is the best place to go?

This particular artist usually comes out and signs for fans after sound check. Where would they come out at Key?

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In general, I hate people so much I could vomit. Because of that, I have very limited customer service skills. I also never went to college.

Lord know how I ended up working for hotels for the last four years, but I'm sick as hell of it, and want to get out of the hospitality industry ASAP.

What non-customer-service-oriented jobs exist around here? I live in Bothell and not having to spend several hours a day commuting would be priceless, but I'll take what I can get.

I haven't checked memories, because it seems to me that any jobs mentioned in the past would likely be filled and useless to me now.

And yes, I understand that this is probably long-shot and that most of the comments I receive will be people mocking me instead of helping. I don't care; the 1% chance I have of getting a helpful comment is enough for me to risk it.
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HP - H/D - Sinners/Saints


Going to the bathroom is a very odd event in human existence. It's kind of like masturbating; everyone does it, rarely talks about it and skips the details in conversation.



Are there any restrooms in the Seattle area that you just love? Ones that are horrifying? The only one that I genuinely fear is the one in the Broadway Jack in the Box. Beyond that I just generally avoid public restrooms and think they're gross.

I'm asking out of total curiosity, here.

ETA: Ha! I am going to visit all the cool ones mentioned in the next few months. It's my plan. Thanks!
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Couple Questions

I'm arriving in Seattle to scout apartments and interview for some jobs tomorrow. That part I can handle myself.

Now the key issues:
1) Where is a cheap place to stay that is within crawling distance of the downtown bar areas (in seattle are all the drinking establishments clustered together?)

2) I'd like to see sisters of mercy on Sat night. I looked it up and it looks like it's near "Safeco Field".. how is parking there? Am I better off taking a cab and leaving my rental at the hotel?

Thanks for the help, should be my last post as I'll hopefully be picking a place to live and setting a move in date by Monday.

Oh and if anyone (1 or 2 people) wants to catch the show with me, I'll pick up the ticket just gotta get me there and then take me somewhere fun/interesting afterwards ;)

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I checked the memories and found nothing, so here goes:
Anyone ever been to Neumo's? I'm going to a concert there soon and I was wondering if anyone had anything good or bad to say about it (and if their bar prices were reasonable?).

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tomato ramen

i adore and crave tomato flavored ramen. i used to be able to get it in very limited quantities in renton at the qfc on cemetary, but this was years ago. it's been long missing since.

does anyone know where i can get some now? i've never seen it at uwajimaya... i need it! help!