March 20th, 2006

venus moon

Desktop or Admin Support...

My contract with Washington Mutual recently ended and I am looking for something new. It never hurts to look in places you haven't looked before so I'm tossing out a bone here folks :)

I have 15 years of experience with customer service, admin support, technical support, network support and desktop support. I also have 10 years of relational database programming, but there really isn't much demand for Clipper programmers these days.

My Bio page has some brief details from my resume.
Thanks for your patience if this is an innapropriate forum.

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Update on From Russia with Love: Finally open!!!

Hi guys!
Finally, From Russia with Love deli and grocery opens it's doors in a new location!!!
Our new address is 15600 N.E. 8th St. #K-16
Bellevue, WA 98008
We are now located in the back of Crossroads mall on the Circuit City and Petco side.
Come check us out.
The store is now open from 9:00am 'till 9:00 pm daily.
OFFICIAL GRAND OPENING CEREMONY will take place this Friday, March 24th at 2:00 pm.
There was a lot of hard work put into creating this new store, so come check us out! :)

P.S. thanks for correction.

Community College Transfer Degree

Please help!

So I need to take Pre-Calc in order to transfer from BCC to CWU and I totally did not place as well as I thought I would in my placement test. Now I have to take a lower Math in order to be able to take Pre-Calc (all of this is so absurd since I took this crap in high school) and the class is full. Has anyone on here started classes at BCC (or another CC in the area) and transferred their existing credits from there to Seattle Central? I live in Seattle so it makes more sense for me to take the classes there and I am hoping that I can get into a math class that isn't full. I had also heard that I don't really need to "apply" to CWU and I can just register for classes and not worry about needing to get my AA before transferring there -- anyone know anything about this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! I am slightly stressing about it, since the spring quarter starts April 3rd.
venus moon

best underated band... AND with Sisters of Mercy!

I don't normally pimp people, places or stuff out, but this is different. Ever hear of the band Catherine Wheel? They were an awesome power-semipop-alt-indi band from England. Their biggest US single was "Crank", it was released in 1993, you might recognize it if you heard it if you listened to 107.7 FM back then.

And... He is the opening act for Sisters of Mercy this Saturday March 25th.

Anyway they broke up about 7 years ago unceremoniously, but the lead vocalist has released a solo project. Its pretty good too. Is the the fucking best thing i have heard in my life? No, but even still it is a 4 star purchase. Rob Dickinson, "Fresh Wine for the Horses" is the CD.

I saw him perform an acoustic at the Crocodile a couple months ago and it was one of the best things i have seen since David Bowie's Sound and Vision tour. Not that i'm unbiased or anything but it was phenomenal to see him perform many of the old Catherine Wheel songs 3 feet away from me!

See you there!
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HP - H/D - Sinners/Saints

Seattle OBGYN

Okay. Long story made (somewhat) short:

I have been going to Planned Parenthood off an on for about five years now for my contraception needs but about 9 months ago (no, not due to pregnancy) I decided to go off of all birth control completely. I don't need to go into details, but basically any BC I had ever tried had really fucked with me, either physically or emotionally or both, and I was just done with it. ANYWAY, I'm sick and tired of the whole PP scene now and want to have an official OBGYN that I can call my own. ICGATM but none of it is really specific to my question and so I'm posting here. Btw, Seattle CitySearch has a good list but I'd like the input of you lot anyway :)

I live in on Capitol Hill and according to Google there are tons of clinics within a few miles of my flat. According to a co-worker of mine (a few months ago when we were talking about it), Jan Dwight at Harborview is great (HMC was also mentioned at the top of SCS's list). My question is...

Ladies: If you have an OBGYN/regular clinic, where do you go? How do you like her/it? What makes her/it great?

I would love to find someone wonderful and not have to try out a few clinics over the next year, which is the main reason I'm asking. Just so I don't have to answer it later in comments, NO, I don't have an STD or pain - if I did I would go the the ER or to PP for now - I'm specifically interested in getting an IUD and I thought that would be a nice start-off point for a new and long-term OBGYN.

Thank you so much for your help in advance!


ETA: Thank you all SO MUCH for your help :D This is exactly the sort of info I needed. I think I am going to go with Dr. Philip Welch, pending he is taking patients. I loved the sound of many that were recced, though, and am certain I will find someone who will be great. Thanks again!
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