March 19th, 2006



anyone know a place that sells "novelty" IDs?

if you do, please email me at a_muse_d AT livejournal DOT com.

if it makes anyone feel any better, i'm 25 years old and have both a valid, legal passport and WA Identification. and no, i'm not looking for it for an illegal purpose. believe me or not, i don't care.


somewhere in the city of Seattle would be wonderful. thank you for any help with this :)
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Large Shirts

Does anyone know of any stores that sell size 6X in either t-shirts or Polo Shirts

I already know of the big and tall store in downtown
I tried K & G clothing even though they say the specialize in large sizes they only go to 3X

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Eastside Sunday Pho

Anyone know of any Kirkland (or nearby) pho restaurants that are open in the evening on Sunday? I tried Saigon Jade, Pho Express and Pho House (all found on Google, TYVM) and they are either closed or only open until 6pm. I would prefer something other than What the Pho, so please suggest something else. Thank you for your fealty.

edit: I found one!! Pho Tai is open until 11 every day. But I would still like some more suggestions for eastside evening pho!
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So, where in the Northgate area is the Post Office? I looked up the address on Google Earth, and it's taking me to the place across the street from Taco Del Mar on 8th. The place across the street from Taco Del Mar is a jewelry place, not a post office.