March 17th, 2006


roanoke property management

a word of warning: the roanoke property management group is a bunch of thieves.

i've had to sue them to get the money ($500) that they owed me, and even when they sent me a check at the 11th hour just before the court hearing, the letter they wrote to me basically blamed me for everything.

do yourself a favor, do not rent from these jerks!
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This community always makes me paranoid, no matter how closely I scrutinize the memories and tags.

Thrift stores in Seattle. Where are they? What are your favorites?
The only ones I am aware of are the Goodwill in Chinatown and the SallyAnn near the stadium.
Places near the U District especially appreciated!

I am not interested in "consignment" or "vintage" stores, ie the same old shit for more money.

we call out for those that make us feel

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the normal ticket price for this is $99, but I'm willing to sell it for $75 OBO.

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Dear Seattle,

I am 22 years old and need braces. Thus I will never have sex again.

But as a Washington transplant, I've never been to a dentist here. Any recommendations for an orthodontist and / or dental surgeon?

Any help earns you the right to call me "metalmouth" and / or take my lunch money after I get said braces. C'mon, it'll be fun!

...I'm in Cap Hill, but can drive somewhere else if need be.

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I have been having problems with Comcast Internet service since approximately October. Several times a day the connection will drop and then if I powercycle the cable modem it takes about 5 minutes to get an IP address. I have had the cable modem replaced, and have had techs out here to look at the line 4 times already. The first 3 techs said they couldn't find any problem, but the 4th one said that they have been having intermittent problems on Capitol Hill for a while now and they haven't been able to figure out what the issue is.

When I call tech support they always tell me that there are no known issues, yet when I bring up what the field tech tells me they admit they have heard of the problem, yet don't have any more information. I've talked to a few supervisors and they always just send another tech out to look at the lines. I'm getting sick of having techs come out and not having the problem fixed.

So my question do you dear seattleseattle is : Have you been having problems with Comcast and if so were you able to get it resolved? If so, then what was the resolution?

P.S. I am in the Pike\Pine area west of Broadway, FWIW.

Seattle Glitterati Club, Sat Apr 8 2006 at Cal Anderson Park

(from thedivas)

Bring me your glitter, your glamor, your unworn dresses yearning to be seen.

Just a few short generations ago, dressing down was an act of rebellion. Scandal walked in the door wearing blue jeans, a tee-shirt and Converse thumbing his nose at tradition. Now the scandalous has become the mundane. Who wants to be mundane?

The members of the Seattle Glitterati Club are too busy being fabulous to care. So, put away your fleece and hoody, pull out your most outrageous and stunning attire, and come make the world a more attractive place.

The first monthly gathering of the Seattle Glitterati Club will be on Saturday, April 8, 2006 at Capitol Hill's Cal Anderson Park (1635 11th Ave. The old reservoir park between Denny and Pike 1 block east or Broadway). Meet at the fountain beginning at 3:00 PM. In case of inclement weather meet around the corner at Espresso Vivace located on Denny between Broadway and Nagle.

All varieties of over-dress are welcome. However, we strongly encourage that the minimum level of participation be semi-formal dress (dark suit and tie, fancy cocktail or evening dress). Otherwise, the sky is the limit. So, let the fashions fly high!
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Hi Fellow Seattlites. I need your help.

Prom is coming in May and I am looking for a restaurant that has a vegetarian menu as well as a regular menu for carniverous folks too.

I currently reside outside of the everett area so we would like to keep things as close as possible as our prom is located in Snohomish this year.

Can you help me, please?
Kitty Snake

iraq war protests

i havent seen any signs, but the third anniversary of the glorious war that the great crusader geroge w bush has waged in iraq is this weekend, or monday. you know, time changes and everything.

are there going to be any protests this weekend? there are enough anti-war protesters that have been to save the parks and gay marriage rallies that there should be enough for a protest of some kind.