March 16th, 2006


Make friends, then beat 'em up with swords! ;P

My name is Kate Stone, representing the Canton of Willowmoor within the Archduchy of Alhambra, all apart of the Adrian Empire. Just want to post here to find some more friends interested in getting involved in medieval reinactment with us!

The Adrian Empire is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the study and recreation of Western European culture between the years 1066 and 1603. Our members work to recreate the arts and skills of this era (everything from archery and fencing to tapestries and culinary arts. We also include other cultures that commonly interacted with Western Europe during that time frame.

We're having a casual combat practice this Saturday (March 18th at 2:00pm) at Lake Geneva Park in Auburn (near The Commons/Seatac Mall) on Saturday. Anyone is welcome to come, regardless of your experience level or age - no medieval garb needed, as it's just a practice. If you're part of the SCA or other similiar groups, you're still happily welcome to come play with us, too! :) It probably won't be a large group this weekend, so don't be shy! We're super friendly.

We will have combat gear available that can be used for Shenai and Rapier, and we will also have some water available at the site, and possibly some other foodies. There are picnic tables and bathrooms at the location. If the weather is bad, our house is nearby.

For directions to Lake Geneva Park, you can use this Google Maps link to map out your route.
Or email me and I will give you more precise directions and our contact info.

We will be looking for a more centralized meeting place for future practices and events.

So again, if anyone is interested in making some fun friends (ages range from early twenties to late forties and up), learning some history, or maybe just learning some fencing, archery, cooking, sewing, how to make mead wine, whatever! - then stop on by or drop me a line if you want to hear about future events. We have a Yahoo Group that you can also join to hear about upcoming events.

Important Note: The Adrian Empire is member based, but you do NOT have to be a member to come and play. You only need to pay member's dues if you end up deciding that you'd like to participate in the tournements, hold a ministry position, or earn points towards knighthood. But you'll never be bugged about any of it, it's all up to you to decide how involved you want to be.

Hope to hear from you! :)
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FrankenBOOT- Seattle's Mash-Up/Bootleg monthly THIS SAT 3/18!!!

FrankenBOOT- Seattle's ORIGINAL Mash-Up club night (since 2004!) is ready to smack your face with bastardized pop-culture again this Saturday March 18th at Re-bar!!

We'll be kicking the radio's sorry ass with such unintended couplings as Missy Elliott vs C+C Music Factory, Tom Petty vs 50 Cent, Usher vs The Clash, Britney Spears vs The Pixies, David Bowie vs Kylie Minogue, INXS vs Three Six Mafia, Kelis vs Donna Summer, Rick James vs The Police, Chromeo vs Afrika Bambaattaa, Gwen Stefani vs Expose', George Michael vs The Cure, The Beatles vs Aretha Franklin and so many more you may just fall over from Dancing Overload! (Don't worry, we'll catch you)

And make sure you make it down early, the first lucky people in the door get a free FrankenBOOT Mash-Up cd of some of the best bootlegs around!

As always your bastard-music host will be bastard-DJ extrordinaire DJ Freddy King of Pants!

FrankenBOOT is one of only 3 dance nights in the country devoted to playing only mash-ups so come down and bask in something Seattle's got that barely anybody else in the country has (including NY!)!!

The party whips it good this Saturday March 18th (and every 3rd Saturday) at Re-bar 1114 Howell St. 10p-2a $5!
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My Green Head aches

Chair Massage in Bartell Drugs Stores

Has any body heard about this? Bartells is trying out chair massage in a few stores. What is the general thought about this concept?

Poll #692597 Chair Massage in Bartell Drugs Store

Do you think chair massage in Bartells is a good thing?

Yes, I would like one!
Yes, I know someone who would like one, just not me...
No, I hate massages!
No, I like a massage, just not in a store...
Who cares? I never shop there anyways...


There is a profession licensed massage practitioner IN the store doing the massages!!
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Possible Carpool?

This is probably a long shot. I'm currently taking night classes at BCC until 10pm two nights a week. I was wondering if anyone here will also be taking night classes on Monday and/or Wednesdays (Spring Quarter) who will head back to Seattle/Capitol Hill at 10pm? I'm willing to chip in for gas money as an incentive to let me steal a seat in their car. The next available bus back to Seattle after 10pm is at 10:47pm, and it's a waste of gas to continue to have my fiance drive two extra times across the bridge a few nights a week.

O Rly?
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