March 15th, 2006

Eatting fresh.

Ok, I like my fresh vegetables and fresh meat and even, fresh from the market seafood.... but how far will I go to really eat fresh meat?
No sashimi is fresher than ikezukuri, which is cut from a live fish and served quivering. Often, the fish is quickly "reassembled" after it has been carved alive, and served as a gruesome parody of its former self. Vital organs are often left intact, so the fish may still be alive by the time the diner has finished eating it.

Now without leaving the country does anybody know any Japanese restaurant that might serve this in the good ol' US of A?

** I did not check over the memories section and therefore didn't see anything pertaining to ikezukuri **

Seattle Voice Posts

LJ started in Seattle, presumably. They lived here a long time. Why is it that Washington and, more specifically, Seattle STILL doesn't have its own Voice Post number? Was there one at one time? If so, did jameth's mattress use it to cat around too much? What's the scoop here?

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we call out for those that make us feel

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hey everyone.

i know this is a long shot, but i remember quite a few people on here that either manage apartments, or have managed apartments in the past, and this question(s) is more or less directed towards them.

has anyone had any experience with Supersonic Steam Clean (carpet cleaner), or Interland Paint (painter), or Pacific Cleaning (cleaner), or Westco (carpet replacement), or most importantly, Suhrco Residential Properties?

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thanks, everyone.

tattoo at deep roots

fwiw IACTM.

So I made a consultation with "Ryan Rogers" at Deep Roots tattoo in the U-District today to discuss a future tattoo (a very, girly tattoo in a very cliche place. this is not up for discussion so don't try. although it will be all black, if that matters.) Anyways, the memories are a little out of date and no mention of Deep Roots, formerly Laughing Buddha (i think) so I don't know about applicability to current staff.

So..anyone get work done there recently, esp. with Ryan? Should I call up Slave to the Needle instead? I've had positive piercing experiences there, but Deep Roots is a five minute walk away so I went there first.

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hey seattle.

we're looking for 2 attractive males or females in their 20s/30s to sit in as extras for an indie short shoot tomorrow night at 7:00 PM.

this is not paid; however, you'll get a copy of the dvd when it's done.

it should only take 20 minutes or so. definitly not longer than an hour.

just leave a comment with info on how to get a hold of you, or e.mail me at


ps: this is a dark film. but it is not porn.