March 14th, 2006


Vet in South Seattle

I checked the memories but didn't see anything pertaining to a vet in south seattle (specifically Burien) area. Im looking for a vet who doesn't just do shots and checkups. My cat has severe allergies and sees a specialist, but sometimes I need to see a regular vet for scratches, etc. Anyone have a good recommendation? I used to take her to the Queen Ann Animal Clinic, but the drive is horrible during the week and I'd like something closer to home in case of an emergency.

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another vivace?

I was told by the nice piroshki lady on Broadway that Vivace opened a new store today.
Was I too distracted by the glorious piroshkis to understand her correctly?

(Vivace's website says nothing about a new store... but I dont think it's been updated in a long time, so... yeah.)
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ok, i'm about to give up here.

where in seattle can i find some girl scout cookies? where did they all go?

everytime i've missed out on them, or just plain haven't seen them.
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NE 132nd in Kirkland

Anyone know what's going on at NE 132nd in Kirkland, Washington? It's right out front of Juanita High School and now a bunch of police helicopters are circling. I saw a Bellevue Police car parked in the JHS parking lot this morning and the news hasn't said anything...
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Free Starbucks Coffee

SEATTLE - Starbucks says it will give away free cups of coffee Wednesday between 10 a.m. and noon at 7,500 stores.

The Seattle company expects it will give away 500,000 cups of coffee in its two-hour "national coffee break."

The company will also be using mobile-sampling "Venti Vans" and employees wearing insulated coffee backpacks to reach people who can't make it to stores.

Starbucks also has started its annual sale of brewing equipment and says it will give customers tips on how to make great-tasting coffee at home.
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Late night pho

Anyone know of a pho place in Seattle that serves past 9pm on weekdays, aside from Pho Cyclo? I would prefer something open until at least 10pm. ICGATM. And I called all of the usuals (Than Bros, Pho Hoa, etc.) and they all close at 9. Please advise!

I would also like to note that I already called every place on the Ave and they either close at 9pm or there was a language barrier and I couldn't understand them.
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Roommate help...

I need help finding a good responsible roommate.

I am new to the city and pretty much do not have that many friends to try and convince to live with me.

I would find a room to rent with others but I have all things needed for a place by myself, I just do not have the cash. I have all the furniture, kitchen stuff, blah blah blah. I am just basically too poor to live alone.

So I was wondering what advice you could give about your roommate experiences.

Any help would be fabulous and greatly appreciated.
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No, Im not looking for girl scout cookies, but I am looking for a good milkshake.  Ive checked the memories and CitySearch and Yelp, and no such luck.  Im looking for good milkshakes in the Capitol Hill area.  But I can walk somewhere if I really must.