March 13th, 2006


Local Business Warning: A Business to AVOID

Hey everyone. Just wanted to send out a little warning. If you own a Ford or for some reason decide you'd like to enlist the services of the Bill Pierre Ford dealership on Lake City Way.... Don't go there.

About 4 months ago I took my car there, spent a good deal of money having it repaired, and one of the employees made a blatantly sexist remark to me. Not too big of a deal, right? I wrote a letter right away explaining the comment and asking for an apology. Piece of cake for them, right? Nope. After 4 months of continually requesting an apology and having the issue completely ignored by the dealership, I finally got a response last week! Mr. Bill Pierre, Jr. himself wrote me a lengthy letter which accused me of lying and suggested I take my business elsewhere.

Fortunately, a representative from Ford Motor Company's customer service department assured me over the phone that this unprofessional behavior was neither appropriate nor representative of the views of Ford Motor Company as a whole. Hooray!

In summary, if you decide to enlist the services of any one of the businesses owned by Mr. Bill Pierre, do not be surprised if you are treated badly (especially if you are female, from my experience), then accused of lying and told to go away.

All my love to the mattress!
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Plumbing for Seattle Aurora Area

I looked in the memories, and am hoping that someone more recently has had need of a plumber and can give them a good recommendation.

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I have called  I "Rad Dyke Plumber Zan" - her number is 206-723-2641.

I am waiting for a return call. Meanwhile hot water is running in an area that I can not shut off the valve without turning off the water heater and the main water mane.

I have also called Best Plumbing! (206.633.1700) which can not give a ball park…(see read more)

I am not looking for free, just a cap, or an idea of what it would take to replace the valve or for now just turn off the shower.

I am a new home owner = I live on ramen.


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It's a long shot but...

So I have 3 tickets for VAREKAI CIRQUE DU SOLEIL Fri, May 26, 2006 8:00 PM...

but only two people who can go.

So, my first choice is does anyone want to swap tickets for a date before the 25th? I have good seats.
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