March 12th, 2006



i've had a sinus infection/cold since last Monday. i seek advice, oh wise ones.

would dripping rubbing alcohol in my ear help it at all? maybe there's liquid trapped in there. i *have* been taking a lot of baths and showers because of this cold, to try to keep my lungs and sinuses clear.


i slept on it most of last night, hoping that it would drain, but that didn't seem to help. ibuprophen seems to have helped it to hurt less while i slept.

i should probably call for a doctor's appointment. since it's Sunday, i am guessing i have to wait until tomorrow.. anyone in Seattle have any recommendations for a regular doctor? if you have a favorite nose/throat/ear doctor, that would be very helpful, too. i'm trying to avoid homeopathic and "whole food" obsessed doctors because the ones i've encountered in Seattle so far have been useless.

i've checked memories but i'm wondering if you have any recent information.
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Attention Ladies!

I have a ton of clothes I need to get rid of. Mostly aroung 16's, but I do have some Larges and Mediums as well. Everything from jeans to work clothes. 5.00 a piece (for most) and free shipping!

I would donate them, but I need the money. So, drop your email here, and i'll send you a list of what I have. Pick what you want from the list, and I'll send you pictures. I need want to clog this up with big files.

Any questions? email me at

Have a great day!
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Coffeehouses on First or Capitol Hills?

I checked the memories. Checked the tags too. I'm stunned that a community dedicated to Seattle doesn't have a "coffee" tag.

I'm of a mind to socialize, and I'm really not into bars. Are there some cool coffeehouses y'all can recommend? I know about Bauhaus on Pine Street, which is a neat place. Other suggestions would be welcomed.

I work on Broadway on First Hill, so either Hill would be cool and easy to get around.

A place that has open mic acoustic music and/or poetry slams would be especially fabulous, on a Friday or Saturday night.
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en generale..


I not only checked the memories, but followed their advice.

I am looking for falafel. Good falafel. Great falafel. Happily nestled in a large piece of pita with crisp green lettuce, tahini, and maybe a little tomato. Cucumbers and feta would sweeten the deal.

Sadly, the couple places I've been have been somewhat lacking.

The falafel at Aladdin's on the Ave. was decent, but it was all wrapped up with waaaaay too much limp iceberg, mealy tomatoes, and flavorless onions.

The falafel at Cedar's is okay, but upon hearing how crappily they treat their employees, I don't want to eat there.

Have car. Will travel.
Piper trip

Pug painting?

I'm looking for a local artist who would be able to paint a few pictures of my pug from prints. One in particular is where I got my icon from, a few others are various outdoor scenes. I can't afford too terribly much, but I'm definitely looking to pay for the work. If you are interested, please email me with examples of your work and pricing.

Thank you.