March 11th, 2006

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I will be arriving in Seattle, next Thursday, to see if moving there this summer is realistic, and to visit old friends. I will be staying at the Ace Hotel.

Complaints/Comments/Thoughts/Experiences to share on this particular hotel?

what the shit

mother fucker it's 5am here in MA and I'm lit

I have a job interview next week in seattle, the co. is flying me out there..any vodka bars out there or what?
if anyone from seattle area wants to get some drinks out there, sounds good.

blahblah I checked the memories and all that shit
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Katrina victims

Did Seattle/Washington State get any?

At my work place, there was a big drive to get donations for families that were going to arrive "in the next 48 hours". They never materialized and we eventually just gave the donations to a general Katrina relief fund of some sort.

Now I see a lot of states aren't using the available aid package.

From all the Texas complaints about the influx, it seems the victims could have been more evenly spread. Of course, there's the social issue of friends being separated, so I don't know if there is a good solution. Maybe Washington should have applied and then redirected its share to Texas?