March 10th, 2006

March 06 metro bus pass for sale


I have a March metro bus pass for sale. It is for the $1.50 zone rate. $45.00 obo. I bought it for $54.00 last week for work, but have since switched jobs and will not longer need it.

Please email Cash only, you pick-up Cap. Hill.

Thank You !
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Moving truck rentals

So.. we are moving this month. Looked through the memories, but didn't see anything specifically relating to renting moving trucks. i really don't want to do U-Haul again... but i can't seem to find any other companies that are accessible. We don't need bodies to move things (we have wonderful friends offering help)... we just need a truck big enough for things that won't go in a car/truck. Like bunkbeds, a queen sized bed, a largish entertainment center, etc.

We are in Interbay and are moving to Edmonds. Any recommendations for or against??
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and we're dancin'...

So I went on the hunt for beginning adult dance classes, for ballet or modern dancing (ballroom is on hold for now), and I found the website for Dance Fremont, which seemed to be the only place I could find online. I'm sure there's more places out there, but this one looks like what I've wanted, and for a reasonable price. (at ).

So I'm asking 2 things:
1) have you or anyone you know had any experiences with Dance Fremont? Good, bad or otherwise? I'm not looking to become a professional, obviously, but I'd like a nice, supportive environment with good instruction.

2) have you or anyone you know had any experiences with places similar to Dance Fremont? Places that maybe don't have a website so I wouldn't have found them?

I've got a little bit of dance background, and I'm looking for no more than $20 a session (DF is $13 a session), one to two times per week, even long-term sessions.

Thanks for your help!
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I was wondering if anyone knew of an autobody repair place in Seattle that also can replace windows? My car got broken into and sustained damage to one door and the other window got smashed in.
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PNTA is Hiring!!

Posting this for a friend...

PNTA is Hiring!

Use your people skills and flair for organization to keep PNTA's outside sales reps hopping! Exciting opportunity for an experienced telemarketer to join the dynamic sales team at the Northwest's leading supplier of theatre equipment and services. Profile accounts, build & maintain client relationships, schedule site visits, make travel arrangements and manage database. Pleasant phone voice a must. Experience with CRM software a plus. Full-time position (M-F, 9-6) with benefits. Wages DOE.

Email cover letter and resume to

Your Voice Wanted

My buddy Michael is hosting and evening of vocal improvisation tonight from six to eight at Studio Current. Join a small group and vocalize: Harmonics, songs, music, words, and often some silly theater. It's like how people lived before t.v. It's fun and free.

Studio Current is on Cap Hill at 1417 10th Ave, btwn Pike and Union. Find Sweat Box Yoga and continue down the hall and to the left.


Does anyone have any information on the Girls Gone Wild tour to hit Tacoma/Seattle area? coming up?

** I checked over the memories section and didn't see anything pertaining to Girls Gone Wild **
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St. Patrick's Day

I'm a part Irish girl who's new to Seattle and would like to know...

Where is the best place to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Seattle?

Bars? Parades? Street parties? I don't know if it's any big deal here, but I'm from New Orleans and we celebrate it pretty hard there ;-)

PS to moderators: I checked the memories (holidays, social, etc), and a few old posts and didn't see anything on this.
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El Ray Taqueria

El Ray Taqueria, which used to be at 921 Howell St (next to the "Chinese Deli" and the Honda dealership) is apparently.. gone. closed up and boarded. A few coworkers and I attempted to go for lunch and were quite saddened.

Does anyone know if they simply moved or if they really did just close?


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I usually don't make weather posts, but, it's snowing in Ballard.

Quick! Report from your crazy Seattle location!

edit: it stopped. It's now mixed snow/rain.

KOMO NEWS ALERT: A fairly strong thunderstorm is moving across the Eastside toward central and north Seattle. Be prepared for heavy rain and occasional lightning -- perhaps some snow on the higher hills.

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does anybody in the wedgwood area happen to have an xp pro or a "backup copy" of an xp pro cd i can have/borrow?


no, im not trying to pirate anything, by the way. my laptop died while running windows a few weeks ago so now it wont boot it up (after the first boot screen [with the scrolling bar] it has a quick blue screen and restarts.)

so ive been on my linux cause i have a dual boot. so no need for a cd key, i probably just need to reinstall windows, or some corrupted files.
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(no subject)

OK, I feel a little lame asking this, but when I living here, I never had a car. (One of the best transit here. Trust me.) I got a rental car and I have learned that I can't go up a wet hill properly, but you guys can help me on this one: How do you change lanes on streets that are under the monorail? What is the legal way and what way do you guys do it? Thanks.