March 9th, 2006


art communities in seattle?

do you boys and girls know if there is a community here in seattle (and vicinity, i guess;) where folks like myself -- not necessarily "artists" per se ;) -- can come and make random art with their fellow artists and non-artists? kind of like a class, but more like a community, if that makes sense.

thank you, mark.
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sorry guys, but another "where can i find so & so" post. but the memories are proving futile.

i'm looking for old fashioned candies, and one specific type of newer fashioned candy in seattle or the greater seattle area. specifically mary janes (peanut butter/molasses taffies originally started production in 1914), country store old fashioned taffy (the kind that's like a tri-colored flat ribbon), and necco chocolate wafers (i've seen the assorted ones of these at grocery stores, but never the chocolate ones). i've been able to find these items sporadically at random stores around the seattle area, but never regularly at anyplace i check back/try. also, i'm looking for the original choco starlight mints, the kind that actually say "the original choco starlight mints" on the little wrapper. they have them at jai thai, but the servers there never seem to know where they purchase those. the reason why they have to be the original ones is i've tried generic store branded ones, and they're DISGUSTING. and if i could find these at a somewhat decent price, i'd be ECSTATIC.

thanks to everyone in advance.

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I checked memories.

At some point I would like to sit in my room and order some food to be delivered to my front door because I'm lazy like that.
I live in the bright red heart of the U-District. What non-pizza restaurants will deliver to me?

Looking for a muffler shop...

** I checked over the memories section and didn't see anything pertaining to muffler shops **

My car is in need of a new muffler soon...

Does anyone have recommendations of a good muffler shop in or very near the city?
(Obviously I'm looking for something affordable that won't try to take advantage of me)

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So the weather is challenging me. Flowers I bought at Ballard Market
In the middle of a storm, look for the light and beauty.

Here is my light and beauty.....

warning, a lot of good pictures, I get lucky. might take a bit to load. Feedback is welcome.

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