March 8th, 2006

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Needed: freelance graphic designer

In search of a local graphic designer to pick up a suite of small projects for a Seattle-based premiere fetish product company.* Familiarity with local printers a plus; strong portfolio and comfort with the subject material required. Interested parties may contact me at bq_mackintosh [at] live journal dot com.

*No, this is not my business; I'm the guy managing the project.

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So.. this conversation at work came up... and there is apparently only one person here that knows anything about it.. .and he's been known... to.... "elaborate".

So I'm asking you guys..

What's the skinny on The Little Red Studio? What does on there? Is it a bar, is it a club, is it a membership, etc,etc,etc...
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I did google it before I posted that, and I already found that link. But, I cannot find anywhere on that page WHAT you need to connect to Sea Tac Aiport's wireless. I already knew it was possible to connect, but that's not what I was asking.

Fight At School

Bertschi School is on 10th Avenue East, three blocks up the hill from Roanoke Park. Its a private grade school in an old church. Bertschi intends to expand, but some neighbors want to stop it. The ongoing battle over their expansion pits a few strident neighbors against suger-sweet Brigitte Bertschi's private primary education juggernaut. When parties to a conflict break out the nail-pullers and hidden cameras, you know it's getting good.

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10th Avenue East is one of two north-south access roads connecting Capitol Hill and the U-District, and a rare avenue into both directions of I-5. If you've travelled any weekday morning on 10th, you have noticed Bertschi School.

    "during periods of student drop-off (8-9 in the morning) and pick-up (2:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon) the parade of SUV one-student buses that queue on 10th Avenue, Broadway and Lynn is something that approaches traffic gridlock."

Collapse ) seems to assert the school should just disappear. It sounds more like a stain remover or magician's spell than a political movement. Heavy-handed rhetoric aside, the site makes the case concisely. sought to save the ass-ugly Reid Court Apartments by declaring them a landmark. Petitions were gathered and a hearing held, but this campaign failed. (Monorail opponents tried a similar strategy, seeking official recognition of architectural significance of the existing monorail pillars.)

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Bertschi has fired her own word war salvos. Her recent letter to the neighborhood focused on solar panels to be installed within the school, calling them responsible citizenship and a teaching tool, and saying they'd partnered with the city in their energy use plans. This letter seeks to offset a dubious standing in bread-and-butter community issues (traffic, parking, noise) by showcasing more abstract community objectives (look, kids, it's solar!). Personally if you tell me an elite private primary school captures some solar heat, I must remind you that the bulk of its students arrive each day in SUV's, and won't have to fight the next war for oil. Resource thrift, it seems, is curriculum, not lifestyle. Bertschi knows public impact on traffic is the weakest link in her plan. Her letters to neighbors were so polished that two appear on a web site for regional private schools as templates for public relations campaigning.

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As a non-profit, Bertschi School does not pay property tax, and each property it aquires raises the tax burden for the rest of us. Public schools are one major taxpayer expense, and our public schools are held to higher traffic and zoning compliance standards, at higher cost. Does this sound reasonable to you? A wise judge will rule on the matter soon.

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Bill Laimbeer


As of right now: Snow/sleet/hail coming down very hard in Shoreline, sticking to non-pavement surfaces
temperature dropping!

I just had soccer practice out in it, i can tell you for sure that this is indeed soemthing to panic over!


anything goin on elsewhere?