March 7th, 2006

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so there really isn't a memories about this, and yes, i've checked craigslist, but it isn't nearly as specific as i'd like it to be.

does anyone know of a relatively simple retail, food, or basic admin type job that requires only saturday and sunday work? ideally i'd like it to be in either retail or food related customer service (think pike place food boutique-type shops) as i enjoy doing those and have a ton of experience. i have a normal 9-5 during the weekdays, but i'd like to earn a little more income doing something relatively simple on the side, on the weekends.



To the dicknose who hit my parked Saturn on 31st Ave. NW yesterday/last night, scraping up the side and leaving the sideview mirror hanging by a thread: I hope you get a swift karmic kick in the ass. You could have left a note like a grownup, but evidently that was too much effort. Turkey.

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I went to Business Computer Training Institute because I was young and stupid, and had the worse experience of my life, in thinking that it would help me get a well paid job, and it didn't. Now I have to pay back the federal loan I took when I went there, I have heard that there was a lawsuit against the school for their obsolete teachings. I know they are not in business anymore, did anyone go to BCTI that knows anything about a class action suit? Because I would rather not pay them after they told me I would not have any problems paying back the loan because of the high paying job I would get learning their useless skills.
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this is really late, but (flower and garden show pictures)

Here, this is really late, but I took a couple of hundred photos at the 2006 Flower and Garden Show a few weeks ago, so if you didn't get to go you can look at my random selection of photographs here:

Whether I shot something was dependent upon whether I thought something was worth remembering to use as an idea or investigate later, or occasionally, if I just thought it looked neat.

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Graphics jobs?

My girlfriend is seeking an entry-level graphics design job. What are some good local recruiting agencies which specialize in that field? Do any of you designers out there have any tips for her? She's been looking for about four months now and hasn't found anything.



Moving from Sequim and back to Seattle, I somehow managed to become the owner of a box consisting of extra pieces from a taxidermist. Its been hiding under my bed for a year, and I still need to get rid of it. There are several peices of skin with fur on them from what appears to be: deer, cow, rabbit, and maybe bear. I don't know where to take the box.

Is there a place that using stuff like this? Anyone want it for an art project? Or to make a hat?

EDIT: photos

Can anyone explain this law to me????

"Washington State liquor law prohibits two people from sharing one big drink in a restaurant."

At Trader Vic's in Bellevue, they have these giant drinks that are meant to be shared by 2 or more people, but here in Washington state, everyone has to order their own! Can I just say WTF????

How and why does this law make any frikkin sense?
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dominican and/or black hair salons in seattle?

i know there's only like 42 black people in seattle, but i feel pretty sure they aren't all doing each other's hair. which means there have to be hair salons for black people in seattle. ideally there is a salon run by a nice dominican or dominicans, or one with stylists who understand about my decision to leave my hair in its basically perfect natural state. if anyone knows of such places, that information would be most, most helpful.
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Seattle Meetup

So, some of the original LiveJournal crew (me, lisa, daveman692) will be back in town on Friday, back to where it all began in a grass- and mud-smelling UW dormroom.

We're primarily coming up for work (other employees are in Seattle whom we're meeting with), but we're trying to mix some pleasure in with business.

So yeah --- beer:

Friday, 7pm - ~9/10pm: Jillian's Billiards Club
(731 Westlake Ave)

Please do come chat with us about new stuff we're doing: instant messaging integration, telephony (Asterisk, VoIP, Jingle/GTalk), shared calendaring, mobile apps/services, photo hosting improvements, etc. Come tell us what you like, and more importantly: what you hate. Help prioritize our development. David wants me to add that you can get me drunk and then I'll likely approve your pet feature. I'd say that's not accurate, but he probably remembers previous events more clearly than I do.

(And there's actually two big announcements coming up, and I wish they were in a different order, but I'd get my hands slapped (again) if I spilled the beans, so I'll let you wait and read them both later on news/lj_biz/etc..... I think one if not both will be announced before the meetup, so we can discuss those too...)

Place a Cat - Ragdoll Breeders?

Okay Seattle, hear this!

I have a four-year-old seal-point Raggie (Ragdoll-bred cat). I live in a small home and aside, I am not home a lot. This breed require a lot of attention and I'm just not around to give it to him.

I am looking for a new home for him, but he won't be adopted to just anyone. I was looking for someone who might know of a Ragdoll Rescue or a breeder who could help me place him. He doesn't have papers, hasn't ever shown, he is just a love, a sweet little guy (well, he weighs 20 lbs, but that is normal).

Anyway, I am not looking for a new home for him on LiveJournal, just wondering if anyone has experiences with placing a Ragdoll, or knows of someone I could speak with to help me place him in a new home.

It would be grand if you shared.


booze. cage-match. maybe you'll get laid. what have you got to lose besides your virginity/dinner?

TO: catholics, protestants, buddhists, taoists, worshippers of gaia, agnostics, non-believers of anything, and particularly those who bow to the porcelain gods...

my housemate (superbeth) and i are working hard blue-printing a grande shindig on march 18, 2006 -the day AFTER saint patrick's- to celebrate the totally awesome saint cyril.

and why woudln't you want to come? you're already drunk from the night before...continue the revelry by celebrating another dead guy who performed a few miracles.

so dear and gentle people of seattle, come to our m*f'n party. just leave us a comment and we'll e.mail you the address.

requests from the hosts (& probably the rest of seattle): we would love for jameth to attend and, with his permission, throw a cage-match rumble with anyone who wants to try and take him down. bets will be taken day of. admission free.

edit: if you kids bring the nuggets, the match is on! so bring it.

*this is for real. party at your own risk. and seriously, 21+ only



I can't make the show because the buddy I was going with got sick and, well, I hate going to shows alone. COME ON PEOPLE, IT'S CHEAPER THAN AT THE BOX OFFICE!

25 for $25: Cascadia sucks.

Or at least, their menu does.

Went to try the "25 for $25" special at Cascadia tonight. Cascadia is a gorgeous restaurant, with good service, but the food was completely crap. First course was a shitty crab something, a bland, foul-tasting carrot soup, and a spinach salad with bacon. Entrees were a choice between halibut with - I'm not making this up - cotton candy on it, buffalo brisket with buffalo sausage, and some kind of vegetarian shepherd's pie which we didn't try.

The only good part of the meal was the bread.

I just couldn't believe it, it's supposed to be a good restaurant but I'll never go back again.

Plea for help / Seattle Area Musician

Deepai, lead singer of seattle band Bullfighter, was stricken with Lukemia this week:


From the website:

"As of right now he’s being told he will need to undergo a month-long chemotherapy in the hospital. Some of the cost of this treatment may be covered by state sponsored programs and some health insurance but this is likely to be a very expensive road he has to travel. Deepai himself is not a rich man. He is a musician and a video artist by trade."

Deepai on MySpace

I would appreciate it if in the seattle music scene could rally round and show some solidarity by sending some love over via paypal donations on his behalf.

Anything you can donate will help.

Fight!- A Deepai Deol Donation

"As of right now he’s being told he will need to undergo a month-long chemotherapy in the hospital. Some of the cost of this treatment may be covered by state sponsored programs and some health insurance but this is likely to be a very expensive road he has to travel. Deepai himself is not a rich man. He is a musician and a video artist by trade."

Thank you for reading
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North Seattle Vet?

I'm going on a trip for 10 days next month and have to put my dog in a kennel while I'm gone.

It's also about time for his yearly shots, so I want to get him checked out and microchipped before I go.

Recommendations for a vet on the Northside? Maybe Greenwood/Greenlake area? Would be great if you knew if they were open on the weekends, but I can probably make a week day work.

While I'm at it - any recommendations for boarding/kennelling? I'm not too excited about having to put my pooch 'in jail' while I'm gone - and have never kenneled an animal before. He's a super active/needy/excitement peer so getting a friend to take care of him isn't so much an option. The right kennel anywhere in the general seattle area works for me.

I've googled kennels in the area, as well as vets - but I'm looking for personal experiences here.

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Does anyone know where I can donate some old denim I don't want? I know some places collect denim to make into blankets for the homeless or insulation for Habitat for Humanity homes. I'd like to do something like that, but I haven't found anything in this state. I've already modified, sliced, and diced the heck outta them so I can't just donate them to Goodwill.

Should I just freecycle them?