March 6th, 2006

wee hoose

Landscaping Contractor.

I'm in search of someone to grade and level my small yard, install a flagstone patio, some decking, and some concrete work involving forms. I don't need a designer, just a contractor.

Worked with someone you thought was great? I'd love to know who it was.


leslie miller!

i don't have fancy cable, so i watched part of the horrible post-oscars commentary by the los angeles abc affiliate.

remember leslie miller?

she used to be a Q-13 "Q-tie" but now she's in LA and dude -- i wish i had a picture of her oscar hair. she looked like she was auditioning to be on some star trek spin-off or star wars prequel -- she had queen amidala hair with crazy extentions and loops and twists. it was like someone wove a basket on her head, which makes sense because i'm pretty sure her hair is made out of straw.

anyway, i was amused by her appearance and was wondering if anyone else noticed or cared.


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I know cat/dog posts are very common, especially for use newbs...but I checked the memories and it seemed out of date and not very helpful.

I'm looking to adopt a kitten, sometime very soon. From what my friends with more experience than I have told me, I should focus on a kitten that is already fixed. I'm definitely looking for a kitten.

Anywhere in the greater Seattle area is fine. Distance doesn't matter to me when it comes to finding the newest edition to my life.

So, where have all of you had great experience finding a kitten?
I've looked into the cheap shots, and know where I can get him/her fixed if he/she isn't I'm mainly interested in the best experience for my first time owning a kitten (aside from living with my parents).

Places other than Petco or Petsmart are best...those places seem so cold to me. Ideally, I want to find a place where the "adoption agent" will spend time talking to me about caring for a new pet, giving me first timer advice, even second guessing my choice to own a pet...

(Any advice from experienced cat owners is also appreciated)
attempted kindness

Twenty-Five for $25

The restaurants listed below are offering three-course meals for $25 (not including drinks, tax, and tip) and $12.50 for lunch all month long from Sunday through Thursday (see link for details, some restaurants are dinner only, etc.)

25 for $25

Participating restaurants:

Barking Frog
Cascadia Restaurant
Earth & Ocean
Eva Restaurant
Fish Club
Flying Fish
Market Street Grill
Oceanaire Seafood Room
Ponti Seafood Grill
Ray's Boathouse and Cafe
Restaurant Zoe
Six Seven
Szmania's Restaurant
Third Floor Fish Cafe
Wild Ginger
Yarrow Bay Grill & Beach Cafe
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staffing/temp agency

The most recent post in memories regarding staffing agencies is a few years old. I'm mostly looking for feedback on Spherion, but it also looks like we need some newer recommendations.

What are your thoughts on Spherion and other staffing agencies in Seattle? Let the voice of the people be heard!

Things I already know: Volt Technical is to be approached with caution. If you want to contract with Microsoft, try to go with Excell, not Volt. Parker Staffing is the bomb.

Diverse went out of business, didn't they?
stop the drama

girl scout cookies

i need girl scout cookies.

anyone know of where theyve been setting up? i live on first hill and have no car (well, i have a flex car, if i really HAVE to drive to get girlscout cookies, i will.)

thx ;)

(no subject)

I was just at a Starbucks and they had a big DARE booth set up outside and brochures inside. Has anyone else seen this at Starbucks today? I like the subtle irony of a company that sells a mind altering drug supporting a government program teaching about the dangers of drugs.



I'm moving to Seattle from Kalamazoo,Michigan in July. Does anyone want me to live with them? Anyone need a subleaser? I'm looking for something around $350. I'm 20, female, vegan, into indie and bluegrass music, I drive a car and I might have a daschund puppy/dog around that time. I'll be working at Gap but am looking for a job in a greenhouse. I'm very clean. Very clean.
I'm just trying to check things out before I get out there. I definately need a place to live though. And friends.
I have a flickr and myspace if you maybe want to be friends.

Does anyone one else in el-jay work at Gap?

Not trying to be lame,soory :)

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I found referrals in the memories for jazz clubs, but none for jazz bands. I'm looking to go to the Triple Door (or another place will work as well), but I'd like to go on a night where I will have a higher chance of enjoying it. Does anyone have suggestions for local jazz acts? Preferable something more along the lines of John Coltrane than Henry Threadgill...