March 4th, 2006



I am looking for a place to go to meet for coffee or tea. Prefer not a Starbucks, but some place that we can sit and chat and relax.
Easy parking and easy to find is a plus.
Greenlake, Ballard, Fremont, or Queen Anne an even bigger plus.


Thanks for all the great responses!!! I will check one of these places out!!!

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You know, when you run me off the road because you've decided that you don't wanna let me merge in front of you in busy traffic, all I'm really thinking is that my $500 deductible and a rise in my insurance is worth the feeling of ramming my car into the back of your shiny SUV. On days like today, it really, really feels worth it.

WTF, Seattle drivers? Why are some of us such jerks?

To the guy in the white Chevy Blazer that ran me off the road, I hope you develop syphilis, and that your wife leaves you for your brother's girlfriend's pimp's midget cousin. Ass hat!

HP Represent.

Has anyone recently seen Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans for sale anywhere? I have been looking in grocery and drug stores around and in U-village but without any luck. I really need to find these by Monday. Thanks.

Room for rent near UW

A pal of mine has a room for rent in his house, he's a very sweet wonderful guy.


Room For Rent

Large, lovely room on 2nd floor with lots of oak built-in drawers and
bookshelves. Carpeting, ceiling fan, skylight and little meditation room off
the main room. Own bathroom with shower. Some furniture available at no
extra cost.

Share kitchen, small yard with garden, washer/dryer, basement storage, high-speed DSL, and off-street parking with live-in owner.

Owner has 2 friendly cats, no other pets please. No smoking indoors.

Available April 1st. Rent is $550.00 per month. No lease, no deposit, first and last
month's rent moves you in, most utilities included. References expected.
Please call for an interview. (206)325-6833

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Hey, if you still haven't bought girl scout cookies we will be selling at the northgate QFC at Northgate way and Roosevelt from 6 to 8 tonight. Come buy and buy lots of cookies! (We can also take individual orders for the next week or so if you don't want to brave our retail bumrush)
Zydrate is a girl's best friend


Hello everyone! I am looking to get in touch with any of you that happen to work in a Salon here in Seattle, or anywhere in the state. I am doing a project for school (I go to Gene Juarez) involving salons in the area, and would like to ask you some questions!

Any help would be highly appreciated! It won't take more than 5 minutes of your time via email :)