March 3rd, 2006


Seattle Symphony

Hey all, I am needing to get rid of my ticket for the Symphony on Saturday. They are performing Vivaldi's Gloria and I realllllly want to go but my work won't let have the night off (figures). Show starts at 8PM, ticket is for right floor orchestra, row mm. I'm just asking ticket face value for it, no box office fees, so that's $33 but I'll go for $30, since I dislike odd numbers. :)

If anyone is interested or has any questions, feel free to respond to this or you can email me at, thanks!
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sims-hutcherson debate

did anyone else go to the sims-hutcherson debate last night?  because i did and it was totally awesome and crazy.  poor robert mak.

Edit: the PI has a rather shitty article. im sure the stranger will have a better recap tomorrow.

but here is the very short version: sims basically argued that gay rights are a civil right no matter what. hutcherson aruged that the bible is god's word, god's word is final, the bible says homosexuality is a sin. end of story, we shouldnt be giving rights to people that sin. to which sims countered back: thats all well and good, but we have a seperation of church and state, and you can believe all you want, but you cant impose your religious
beliefs on anyone, especially in the realm of civil law. and so they went for 90 minutes.

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On sunny days like this I'm thinking of what I'm going to do when I can no longer wear jeans (comfortably) in a few months.

So what do Seattle hipsters/scenesters/emo kids/ wear during the summer months (both male and female)(I know it's not fair to clump those all together, but come on now...)

I've taken to putting on "costumes" when I go to Linda's, etc so I don't get treated like shit, so I'm just trying to plan ahead. And before all the haters go on about "omg you are so unSeattle, you are so fake, how dare you", It's more of a credibility ploy so I can actually not get condescended by everyone around me.

So, thoughts?

Yeah!... they cought a bad guy yesterday!

My almost 2 hour commute home last night sucked (normally 35 minutes). Because some asshole in a BMW was going 90+mph southbound weaving in and out of cars and drove a lady off the road, she lost control and crossed the median and hit a semi-truck going the other direction and then 5 other cars, her child in a child-seat in her backseat was thrown from the car, she suffered a major broken leg and they had to use the jaws of life to get her out. Luckily the baby survived and they are both recovering in the hospital. So back to the BMW, they caught this asshole and he is now behind bars!.. 167 was completely shut down to all northbound traffic for 2 to almost 3 hours.

Its nice to hear that they got this jerk!

Just had to share that for anybody that might of been cough up in this god awful traffic jam yesterday.

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Who: Seattle's Vicarious Theatre Company

What: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Where: The Admiral Twin Theatre
2343 California Avenue SW
Seattle, WA 98116
(206) 938-0360

When: Saturday night @ midnight!

Tickets are $5 at the door.

The theme for March? Friggin' leprechauns. You can be naughty. You can be scary. You can be anything you want to be, so long as you're green.

More info can be found at

See you there!
Seattle Parks and Recreation

Pancake Breakfast This Sunday at Loyal Heights Community Center

Fire up the grill! This is no ordinary event! This is Loyal Heights Community Center's biggest fundraiser of the year. All proceeds are used to help families in need to take part in programs and activities throughout the year.

Come enjoy the warm company of friends and neighbors as you enjoy an all you can eat spread.

Dates:Sun, Mar 5, 2006
Time:8 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Fees:$4.00 per person, children 5 and under are free

Loyal Heights Community Center is located at 2101 NW 77th.

For any questions please call 206-684-4052
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If the Sonics want taxpayers to pay for their new (or renovated) stadium, they should offer some incentive to the taxpayers. If they can't win the majority of their games, I personally don't want to give them a dime. Maybe if they offered each tax payer a pair of free tickets to either a Sonics or Storm game, the tax payers would be more open to the idea of giving them a lot of money.

Just a thought.

Used car

I need your advice/suggestion.

It's been a little while since I moved to Seattle from Japan, but I haven't yet had enough time and chance to find a nice used car dealer. I am looking for any Japanese made car that range from $2000-$3000.

Any suggestion will be appreciable.