March 2nd, 2006



Ron Sims vs. Ken Hutcherson
(BIG DEBATE) In one corner, King County Executive Ron Sims, the state's highest-ranking African-American politician and an ordained Baptist minister, arguing that gay marriage should be legal in Washington State. In the other corner, Ken Hutcherson, the nationally famous evangelical pastor from Redmond who likes his mostly white congregants to call him "the black man," and who believes gay marriage should remain illegal. The face-off will be moderated by KING 5's Robert Mak. At a minimum, this will be a night of unmissable political fireworks. (Town Hall, 1119 Eight Ave, 652-4255. 7:30 pm, $5.) ELI SANDERS (From The Stranger)

EDIT: It's Tonight at 7:30.
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Lasik/eye surgery

Are there any eye centers in the area that cater well to this surgery that you guys know of? And any idea of costs? Doesn't have to be Lasik, I know there are other options out there (and couldn't find any info in the memories section).

Any info is greatly appreciated. thanks :)
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Yard Service

I am looking for an inexpensive person (or persons) to come out and work on my front yard (trim, pull weeds, mow, cut down blackerry bush, etc)
Any recommendations for a professional service that does this at a reasonable price? I live in Crown Hill
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Paper Cat closing

The Paper Cat in Pioneer Square is closing (the building was purchased and the rent's too expensive). They have been in P.S. for 30 years. Everything is on sale at the store right now so you should check it out. I will really miss this little store.
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Memorial for Octavia E. Butler TONIGHT!

She will be missed...

"comfortably asocial--a hermit in the middle of Seattle—
a pessimist if I'm not careful,
a feminist,
a Black,
a former Baptist,
an oil-and-water combination of ambition, laziness, insecurity, certainty, and drive."

-- Octavia E. Butler

WHAT: A Memorial for Octavia Estelle Butler
WHEN: Thursday, March 2nd / 7:30pm – 9:30pm
WHERE: Level Three / Science Fiction Museum &Hall of Fame / 325 5th Ave N
CONTACT: Christian-Philippe Quilici / 206.262.3221 /

SEATTLE – The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame mourns the loss of pioneering author and SFM Advisory Board member, Octavia E. Butler, and opens its doors to celebrate her life and career on Thursday, March 2nd, at 7:30pm. Members of the public are urged to attend and share thoughts and experiences and enjoy readings from SF luminaries and friends to the community such as Greg Bear, Eileen Gunn, Vonda McIntyre, Joel Davis, Brian Herbert and L. Timmel Duchamp.

Limited seating will be available on a first come, first served basis (with ample standing room available). The evening will begin with a program of readings from Octavia E. Butler’s works followed by an open-microphone session during which folks can share their memories of her life.

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alright, ive put it off for way too long. i need glasses.

does anyone recommend anything near bellevue square mall since i work right next to the lincoln square building?

Buying a house

I had a real estate agent tell me yesterday that when one buys a house (no mortgage), they cannot sell it for two years. Is this a Seattle-only thing or is it statewide (or nationwide) ? If it's not true, why would they tell me that?

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Police in Bellevue?

An automated message from the Bellevue Police Department called me and told me to stay in my home (though I'm at work) as they were containing a suspect on the 145th block of NE 35th street. The message said it would call back again when the situation was resolved.

That was like an hour ago, and they haven't called back.

Google has foiled my investigative powers. Any ideas?


I got another automated message stating that the police activity had been completed, and thanking me for my cooperation.

So I really have no idea if that was legit or not, or what was going on.

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i am looking for a company that rents plants to offices. ie, they bring you plants, take care of them, keep them healthy, and switch them out when they die or whatever.

my boss is convinced this exists but googling "seattle plant rental" isnt doing much. help plz.
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good brasilian waxer in seattle?

i need to find a good waxer who will do full brasilian waxes in seattle. speed and perfectionism are my two big requirements. i pay 45 to my current amazing person, but that is in houston. i'll willingly pay double for a woman who can do the thing in 2 minutes also. would prefer a waxer in the u district, but i'll travel across town and even into the suburbs and whatnot if that is what it takes.

any help ultra mega appreciated, thanks!

Help me rent Firefly

So I rented Serenity, which made me want to watch the DVD box set of Firefly. However, my local video store does not carry it. Does yours? If so, where is it? Or do you own it and want to let me borrow it?

*EDIT: Okay -- geesh! I just ordered it! But there is no way I'm buying more than one copy like some of you fanatics! :)*