March 1st, 2006

Rainy Days

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I live in Utah and my mother is going into surgery today in Seattle.

Does anyone know of any good flower shops that will deliver to the University of Washington Medical Center?

I also am on a semi-tight budget but still want quality. :) Aren't we all?

Thanks in advance.
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Job Hunted - Anyone dealt with "A Division of Aegon?"

I'm starting to feel kinda stupid right now as I think I took a "pay us money to train you, sell to your friends and family, recruit others and become RICH" type of thing seriously. *head desk* Kind of like an Amway of Financial Advisors. No, I don't think I sent them a resume. *hides under desk*

Has anyone dealt w/ a division of The Aegon Group?

Secondly, to those of you who have interviewed for "grown-up" jobs would you find it odd to be emailed w/ an immediate invitation to an interview, which is then quickly set up never having spoken on the phone w/ anyone let alone having a phone interview? Any serious job I've applied for in this town has phone interviews. I did some research, and found out that The Ageon Group (big Dutch insurer) bought some multi-level-marketing insurer World Financial Group -which has 3 branches in and around Seattle. It is not well regarded. Oh well, at least I bought new dress shoes-I needed em! :)

The email behind the cut-Would YOU take it seriously. My excuse; I had the flu, was doin' EBAY auctions, prepping for grad school...and may have been drinking a bit much recently.

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we call out for those that make us feel

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hey, we have an extra ticket for youth group at the croc tonight (21+) that we need to sell, as that person's no longer going.

it'd be $13, which is exactly what we paid for it.

would anyone be interested in getting this?

give me a call at 206.778.1280
pretty kitty

for dress-up

If one wanted to purchase hooker clothes* in a store in the next few days, what stores might they go to?

Not on the internets, I can already find them there =) I'm hoping to have something in particular more quickly though. The only places I could think of so far are "Adult" stores but they dont have enough for clothing variety to help me out. Where do people buy fetish clothes besides online?!!

*edit* o wait I just though of Hot Topic. So please dont say it, because I'm hoping for something better then that... Also my boyfriend just suggested a place called The Metro.. which he followed with "Probably like 10 places on Broadway sell crap like that." Is this true?

*hooker clothes: may also be categorized as exotic dancewear. But really just anything spandex-y/vinyl/tight/short/sparkly/fetish/etc fun stuff such as this.


"Ummm... excuse me... but you have some dirt on your face."


"Yeah, you have some crudd on your forehead. Right there..."


"Well, I thought you would like to know, so you can clean that stuff off..."

"But its Wednesday."


"Its ASH Wednesday... its supposed to be there.."

"Oh... Hmm... Why??"

"I dunno."

Eh, people. Always doing things without knowing why.
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