February 27th, 2006

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I'm in search of a new studio to take ballet classes. I'm a beginner/intermediate level dancer.

Can anyone recommend a good studio?

Downtown or nearby is best, as I work downtown and live in SW Seattle. I can drive north if I have to, though. I'm currently looking into Dance Fremont as a possibility. I've also seen the Ballet Studio in the U-District but know nothing about it.

I already know about Belltown Ballet and the Open program at PNB. I'm looking for somewhere else that offers classes in the evenings for adults.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations!

Dead batteries

Hi guys,

I have a bunch of dead batteries (AA) I'd like to get rid of and I'd also like to protect the environment at the same time while I'm at it. Go figure.

Could someone tell me where I could go to deposit them? Recycle them? Maybe you want them but I highly doubt it.

Thanks ^_-

Two cats need a home!

Edit: Thanks to everyone who's offered advice. I have found a temporary home for them, but I am still seeking a long-term home in case my next home does not allow cats.

I have two cats that need a home, as soon as possible.

My landlord said that we could have them "on a trial basis", and after 18 months she changed her mind because they got paw prints on her car (!).

They're brother and sister, about two years old, adorable and love people. One's a black long-hair, the other an orange and white short-hair. They both have their shots and they're both fixed.

I'm open to temporary and long-term fostering, or adoption. What matters most is that they find a safe home.

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So, I'm moving to the Northgate Apartments (w00t.) at the end of March. Are there any pet stores within walking distance (say, a mile?) of the Northgate Mall? I ask because I am a fish enthusiast (I have 5 tanks running, at the moment) and will need to be able to regularly get large amounts of supplies, etc. The apartments are right next to Target, but their selection of fish stuff consists of two types of food and a water conditioner *rolls eyes*

Also, does anyone know where I could get a bulk of black, 4x6 wall hanging picture frames for relatively cheap? I need 30-40 of them. I looked on Ebay, and found a few for $1 a piece, but they also want $5 a piece for shipping? No thanks.

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I'm sorry if this has been done before but i couldn't find quite what i was looking for in the memories section.

I'm moving out to WA from MI in a year and am looking for an apartment. I will be going to Renton Technical College so I would like something close by.. these are the areas I've found apartments in.. please let me know if there's anything to avoid.

Southeast Seattle
Normandy Park

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Hi everyone. I plan on moving to 45th and Wallingford Ave in about 96 months, which is about 10 blocks from my current location. Can you please tell me what this neighborhood is like? What do you think about grocery stores in this area? And where can I dispose of fluorescent lightbulbs? I would prefer somthing within walking distance because Metro buses get stuck in the ice. I will also need high-speed intarwebs for under $30/month.
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Moving in 32 months!

I am moving in 32 months to Issaquah would like links to the best places in Issaquah to live. Is Issaquah ghetto? Should I move to Mercer Island instead? Please let me know if the crime rates are high! Also, what is your favorite pet food store? I hope the new place finally allows cats!!!! Where do you shop for VEGAN FOOD? Where is your favorite Indian food restaurant??? THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Thank you!!!!
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Metro finally decides:

New law snuffs out smoking at Metro bus shelters

Public Health-Seattle & King County, based on a legal review, has concluded that Initiative 901 prohibits smoking in King County Metro Transit bus shelters. Therefore, in the coming weeks, passengers will see signs going up informing them that smoking is prohibited in Metro shelters and areas within 25 feet of the structures.

The new law, overwhelmingly approved by state voters last November, bans smoking in and around public places or vehicles. In keeping with the new law, Metro will soon begin posting no smoking decals on all 1,750 of its shelters. Those decals will remind the public that smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of the shelters.

Since Metro has long discouraged smoking at shelters and prohibited smoking on buses, it does not believe the new regulation will have a significant impact on facilities or operations. And, if past conduct is any indication, the agency is confident the vast number of passengers will be respectful of others and not smoke in and around shelters.

Public Health-Seattle & King County has had overwhelming cooperation with the new law so far and is offering resources and support to help smokers quit.

Metro plans to begin posting the no smoking signs in downtown Seattle and expand those efforts to shelters in other parts of the county in the coming weeks.
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