February 26th, 2006

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k, me and 4 other people in my English class (linked to Intro Soc) are all doing papers on inequality of religion (our research question is about religious profiling/stereotyping)...PLEASE fill out this survey and send it back to me in a comment! What you can type in, please do...for the rest of it (where it says "circle one"), either bold it (the tags for that are < b > without the spaces at the beginning of the word(s) and then < / b > at the end of the word(s)) or put stars around the word(s) or delete all but the choice you picked.

PS-I'm posting this here, 'cause I want most of the results to be from people in Seattle, to narrow down our classifications.

I even LJ-cut it for you guys.

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Hey I am new here

Well I am a 18 year old girl that just moved from a SMALL farm town in illinois.Now living in Renton WA(i am lost)Been watching this board for a while getting all excited about moving here...Now being here i dont know where anything is or anything to do here.....But anyways...I was woundering if anyone knew a good piercing place..I heard of Silver Needle??? I am really Skeptical of peircing place being that my small town tatto place did a shitty job on my piercings(I need my industrail bar in my upper ear changed)Because they put a to small of a bar in it!
Would really love some help here
Thanks all!♥
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