February 25th, 2006

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Please list your favorite place(s) to get phở. I have stuck with generally the same places and would like some suggestions for alternatives. I checked the memories (not available). Please advise.

edit just wanted to note that I went to Pho Cyclo (Broadway location) today and it was absolutely horrid. Click:

RollerGirl style...

Ba-humbug. Lets try this again...

Anybody know where I can get some ol' school skates? You know, the ones with four wheels NOT all in a row. And no, they're not for pre-pubescent children. They're for me... an adult.
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Recommendations for auto tinting

I'm looking for a place that will do an awesome job tinting my windows on my car. I don't need anything fancy (colors, reflective tint, etc.) but I do need a nice job done because I don't want to have to mess with it ever again. I would prefer a place on the Eastside, but I will drive into Seattle if I absolutely have to.

I checked out Accutint in Bellevue today and they quoted me $265 for my Nissan 350z which seems a bit high to me considering that, although I have the standard five windows, two of them are small. They did, however, say that the price was for any percentage of tint that I wanted down to 5%.

The problem I'm having is that just about every local place has some shitty web site to promote their business and I can't really make a judgment call based on "they're the closest to me." Accutint had actual pictures of jobs they've done online which was the only reason I checked them out.

Any help is appreciated! :)
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Home Inspector

Any recommendations for a home inspector in Seattle? Not just one of those HomePro guys who give you a fancy book, but someone who used to be builder himself, or similar extensive background. Thanks.
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Ok, maybe I am becoming a prude in my old age (I'm a 32 year old, relatively well adjusted, adventurous gay male), but frankly, I am disturbed by the cover of The Stranger this week. I mean, seriously disturbed. It looks like a 12 year old girl and a 40 something man getting his knob polished (note the bunions on his toes) in a mock-up American Apparel blow-job advertisement. I really find this cover somewhat offensive and in really poor taste (not something that The Stranger isn't usually guilty of mind you).
I just think the implication and the message being delivered is irresponsible. I guess that's part of the reason I stopped taking anything in The Stranger seriously over the last few years. It really just isn't the publication that it used to be. Frankly, it's nearly a members only club and just full of cliched writing and trite articles.
But this cover, well, if it was meant to stir-up controversy, well, then job well done, as I am not the only one talking about it.
See it for yourself below and read more at The Stranger .com

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unlocked gsm phone retailers?

Hello everyone,

Of course I helped myself to the memories section before posting.

I'm going out of town on a trip and I want to pick up a tri-band or quad-band GSM phone. Does anyone know anywhere in the Seattle area that sells these phones, unlocked and without a service contract? So far the places I've been to brag about their cheap quad-band phones that require a service contract and are locked(i.e. I get to pay *their* roaming international rates instead of having a local, pre-paid phone *grumble*)

Many thanks.